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Magento Platform
Open Source (CE)
2.2, 2.3
Commerce using on prem (EE)
2.2, 2.3

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
26 July, 2019
Extensions, Marketing, Email Marketing, CRM, Marketing Automation
License Type:
MIT License (MIT)


The Zaius extension includes an eCommerce tracking module for capturing real-time user interaction, customer order history, product catalog, and coupon code integration, which enables segmented and behaviorally-triggered campaigns via Zaius.


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Zaius loves eCommerce marketers! The Zaius B2C CRM platform provides you the visibility of a Customer Data Platform (CDP), the cross-channel campaign functionality of a next-gen Email Service Provider (ESP), and deep insights from data science. With Zaius you automatically connect customer data with segmented and personalized marketing campaigns to deepen intimacy, increase customer loyalty, and accelerate revenue. Let Zaius assist with your marketing. As a Magento technology partner, Zaius has connected marketing and commerce to turbo charge your marketing efforts. With the complete view of your shopper and the deep segmentation capabilities available in Zaius, marketers are able to create the campaigns you've been dreaming of.

The Zaius extension for Magento provides a comprehensive commerce data foundation, including critical customer and product data sources including:

  • Site activity feed, including anonymous and known shopping activity
  • Customer history
  • Order history
  • Product catalog
  • Coupon codes

These data sources provide the foundation of your customer data platform. Combined with the rest of your data sources, such as loyalty or point of sale data, Zaius provides a complete view of your shopper with full identity stitching capabilities. Additionally, coupon codes created in Magento are available for use in marketing campaigns in Zaius. Once integrated, Zaius provides a series of pre-built marketing campaigns within the CRM platform, including:

  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Abandoned browse
  • Post-purchase trigger


Account & Pricing

A Zaius account is required for accessing and using this extension in advance of integration. Additional fees apply to access the Zaius platform.  Interested in learning more about Zaius? We look forward to assisting you! Our pricing is based on your unique visitors and message volume. Contact us for more details.



  • Zaius is the world's only B2C CRM that unifies your customer data
  • Infuses data science to optimize your efforts
  • Provides a next-gen email service provider
  • Allows you to engage your shoppers throughout their entire shopper journey all within one platform
  • Works with world-class marketers at leading brands and retailers.
  • Gives a unified view of your customer
  • Native Identity Resolution stitches customer profiles and known and anonymous shopping activity
  • Complete Customer Profile view leverages all of your data
  • Native integrations streamlines data ingest
  • Customer Lifecycle report provides one view of your entire business and shopper performance


Data Science Fuels Precise Segmentation

  • Draw on all of your data sources and attributes to create deep and relevant customer segments
  • Predictive intelligence identifies growth opportunities
  • Sync your dynamic segments for look-alike models in Facebook, Instagram, google and youtube. 
  • Explore your product catalog to identify opportunities for re-merchandising


Next-Gen ESP Marketing Automation

  • Full feature cross-channel messaging platform includes email, web push, app push, web models and social segment sync.
  • Design and deliver relevantly and engaging triggered and sequenced messages
  • include product recommendations and other dynamic elements with the simple drag-and-drop user interface - built by marketers for marketers. 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial release to Magento Marketplace.


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