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X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition



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11 September, 2018
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A light version of the very best configurator for b2b and b2c projects for Magento available now!


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XIONI AG is a world-wide acting e-business company headquartered in Bendern/Liechtenstein. XIONI specializes in complex e-commerce projects and their operations and is the producer of the cloud-based software called “X-Config CIM Software”. X-Config CIM Software is provided as a cloud (SaaS) solution, fits perfectly to the Magento ecosystem and is scalable to your individual needs. The X-Config CIM Software (Configuration Information Management) sets new standards in data collaboration and is an essential need for complex products in e-commerce.

The underlying unique X-LOGIC will show the most complicated product logics in a simple and clearly arranged way in online shop systems like Magento. Relationships and dependencies, as well as parts lists and 3D representations can be mapped very easily and Configurable. In the X-Config CIM Software, a so called Suite, you have the possibility to easy administrate and setup all of your configurable products. XIONI provides the customer on its internet site with information pursuant to different available editions of X-Config CIM Software for the running of a productconfigurator/productdesigner of its own within the environment of the centralized customer’s online shop. Therefore, the software comes in four editions: Starter Edition, Base Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition.

The plugin can be downloaded at marketplaces driven by external shop producers like Magento Marketplaces. The X-Config CIM Software will be activated by the installation of a plugin within the customer’s online shop and through a given valid license code provided by XIONI after the purchase of the plugin manually through mail or automatic procedure. As a possible setup scenario, the X-Config CIM Software can be set between Magento and possible third-party products as ERP, PIM or Middlewares. Starting with Base Edition the X-Config CIM Software also includes an easy to use CSV import.


Account & Pricing

X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition incl. free 30-Day test license. The Starter Edition is the entrance door into the complex product world and comes with a unique free 30-Day X-Config CIM Starter Edition test license. After the 30-Day trial period you can buy the X-Config CIM Starter Edition license for the standard price of 69 USD per month per shop domain. The Starter Edition has a limitation of 2.500 Variants per shop Domain.

As a first step, after buying the X-Config CIM Starter Edition Plug-In, our company gets a confirmation of the order. You need to send us your company name, name, shop-domain by e-mail (to: licensesmage@xioni.li) to proceed. After we have collected all data, you will recieve your license to test and use the product for 30 days without any costs. There is no seperate account required for this process. Once the 30 days passes, you will get a message (via e-mail) with all information on how to continue to use the X-Config CIM Starter Edition.

For this process a seperate account will be created for you by us in our system in order to establish the license process. A license for the X-Config CIM Starter Edition costs 69,- USD per month. A detailed pricing page can be found here (LINK). Feel free to contact us at any time.



X-CIM Backend

You can deposit your configuration information in the X-Backend. It is possible to define
specific configurations rules, depending which article logic is used. Within the X-CIM Backend
you can switch between your configuration articles to modify them according to your wishes.

Attributes for indivual article data

Assign article information (parts list, storage location, item numbers etc.) to deposit specific information in the shop process.

Price calculation

Deposit your price matrix! The individual configuration values can be defined with an extra charge (percentage or additive). Sales Prices for the individual generated matrix variants can be assigned optionally.

Exclusions and conditions

Set rules in product configuration! It sometimes happens that a particular item variant does not match a specific configuration value.This can be avoided by means of exclusions or conditions.


Each configurability is displayed step by step and simple by the configurator.


The sequence of configuration steps and configuration values within a step can be changed in the X-CIM Backend.


Name your respective configuration steps and configuration values!As another feature, it is possible to place a continuous text or to insert an image file within a configuration step.

Input fields

Configuration values can be represented as follows: select box, image selection, check box, check box with picture.


An overview of the previous configuration is displayed under the StepByStep configurator, using a visual checklist.


The prices of the respective variants are calculated and displayed live depending on the configuration selection.


More Product Variety For A Better Shopping Experience

Pleased shopping experience

  • extended product variety
  • optimized usability
  • reliable web-service

Fast and simple set up

  • simple implementation
  • optimized user-backend
  • directly linked to your shop

Futurebased technique

  • current webtechnology for today and the future

X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition will prepare your eBusiness for complex product visualizations, like real 3D, augmented reality or product design, with a modular build and default addons.

  • Hosting
  • Webservie
  • Backend
  • Test license


Suitable for up to 2.500 variants

Simple input of data

  • callable configurations from your shop backend

High performance

  • high data protection
  • optimal performance
  • updates and data protection

Simple implementation

  • based on HTML5
  • via plugin


X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edtion

Server sided configuration process

  • for a maximum of data protection
  • optimal performance
  • updates and data protection

High performance

  • automatically generated
  • adjustable images for the configuration menu
  • adjustable description for each step of the configuration

Attributes for your individual data

  • visualization
  • bill of materials
  • price categories

Backend access

  • extra variants including exclusion-rules up to 2.500 matrix variants in mulitple dimensios

Handing over to the order progress for other uses

  • prices
  • chosen options
  • field attributes

Plugin utilization

  • callable configurations from your shop backend
  • frontend integration oft the webservice
  • price transfer at the order progress


More product variety for a valuable shopping experience

Make a profit out of yearlong industry experience and use X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition as plugin and start with the most complex configuration of articles.


Create complex logics easily

Create internal relations with exclusions and conditions or link matrix products with dynamic elements.


X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition

Do you need more complex configuration or visualization? We offer you the standard with the Enterprise Edition Line of X-CONFIG CIM. We are looking forward to get your project requests at project@xioni.li.

  • exclusions of article variants
  • attribute fields for e.g. stock and properties
  • offsite hosting of the configuration on our servers
  • configuration with image selection
  • multiple selection of properties
  • exclusions of matrix variants
  • exclusion of article and matrix variants among each other


Demo links




X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition -> pdf direct download


Youtube links

  • Product configurator with Magento 2 incl. 30 days X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edtion License -> to the video
  • Create a product matrix configuration -> to the video
  • Create a dynamic extra addition configuration -> to the video
  • Create dynamic matrix with an extra addition configuration -> to the video


X-CONFIG CIM Starter Edition

Do you need more complex configuration or visualization? We offer you the standard with the Enterprise Edition of X-CONFIG CIM. We are looking forward to get your project requests at project@xioni.liDo you have more questions, please take a look on our demo: Go To X-Config Backend

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2
  • Stability: Beta Build
  • Description:

    v1.0.0 - X-Config CIM Starter Edition
    This first release contains the following features:
    - Setting up configurations for your products.
    - Displayed configurator in your shop.
    - Displayed configuration summary in cart.
    - Additional data for the quote item for later use.


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