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Predictive Marketing Platform



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2.0, 2.1

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04 July, 2017
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Grow customer value with predictive marketing automation. We make data-science easy, unlocking valuable customer data to power lifecycle campaigns


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Windsor Circle’s predictive marketing solutions help retailers power and optimize marketing campaigns based on customer, purchase, and behavioral data and insights. Retailers can access their Magento data (product, purchase, and customer level information) and create segments to power automated predictive marketing campaigns, as well as surface ads on key platforms such as Facebook and Adroll to increase revenue and interact with customers on the platforms where they consume media.

To use this extension you will need to be a Windsor Circle customer, please visit this page to begin this process. Windsor Circle's Predictive Marketing Platform starts at $20,000 a year. Our pricing is based on the number of online orders in the past 12 months and includes:

  • Our core Predictive Analytics Module
  • Our 4 Campaign Modules: Retention Automators, Replenishment Automator, Cart Recovery with anti-gaming, Behavioral Track and Trigger
  • And our Guaranteed Data Integrations providing rich customer, product, order history, and predictive data from Magento to your ESP.
  • Project managed launch with set-up, activation, and training


Integration. Guaranteed.

Our team works with each new client to establish a guaranteed timeline to integrate. Through enterprise grade, cost effective pre-built APIs, plugins, extension, or custom data feeds, our software seamlessly integrates customer purchase history and transactional data from Magento and pushes this information into your email marketing software to power data-driven digital marketing solutions.

Retention Automators

Simply put, retention marketing is the act of working to retain customers through different marketing campaigns to ensure that they at least pay back their cost of acquisition, with a goal of turning retained customers into brand evangelists and loyal consumers. We empower retailers with complete end-to-end control over their lifecycle marketing campaigns with the flexibility to achieve the majority of campaign use cases.

Turn Observations into Actions

Windsor Circle's Customer Retention and Predictive Marketing Platform helps retailers know, grow, and keep their customers. Our predictive analytics suite arms retailers with the data and reports they need to make smart decisions. Turn observations into actions to keep your customers by enabling and implementing data-driven, lifecycle marketing campaigns to reach customers at every stage of the buyer lifecycle.

Take Your Campaigns OmniChannel

Leverage product, purchase, and customer data across multiple channels using Windsor Circle. With our Predictive Customer Value Module, you can gain access to predictive data points, such as predicted spend, churn probability, predictive customer lifetime value, and more using  our proprietary algorithms. Create segments and automatically sync to Facebook or export and use this information in retargeting campaigns on any platform where your customers consume media.

Behavioral Track and Trigger

Merchants can keep their business on the cutting edge with Windsor Circle’s Behavioral Track & Trigger solution. Browse Abandonment, a powerful feature in the suite, automatically sends emails to identified customers who browse or perform a site search on a retailer's’ online store without making a purchase. Retailers can then create automated emails to send recommendations and offer related promotions based on the product or category the customer viewed or searched for.

Determine Effective Acquisition Channels

Windsor Circle's software compiles data from Google Analytics on traffic source by product SKU. Using this data, we can show you a number of powerful insights about your customers by channel.

Know the Value of Repeat Buyers

Windsor Circle automatically calculates the lifetime value and average order value from repeat buyers vs. one-time customers to help you understand the value created by 2x+ purchasers.

Track Retention Progress

Automatically track your progress towards your customer retention goals. Our Analytics Suite shows you the percent of customers who are repeat buyers and the percent of revenue they've contributed.

Cart Recovery with Anti-Gaming Technology

Our powerful, automated abandoned shopping cart solution detects cart abandonment through your eCommerce platform and triggers a series of personalized cart recovery communications.  These automated shopping cart abandonment campaigns provide shoppers with rich content and product information on exact items that were left in the cart and links directly back to the product landing page.  We enable anti-gaming technology, to ensure you aren't training your customers to abandon a cart for a discount.

Dynamic Product Recommendations

Windsor Circle uses your product, customer and purchase history data to automatically drive personalized marketing that connects with customers in a relevant and meaningful way to help keep them coming back.

Replenishment Automator

Retailers with consumable products have a unique opportunity to get in front of their customers on a regular basis with more than just promotional messaging. Trigger personalized, dynamic replenishment emails based on each individual customer's purchasing cycle.  Windsor Circle’s Replenishment Automator allows retailers to use product and purchase history data to trigger emails that remind customers to repurchase products just before they run out, with little effort on the marketer’s end.

No matter the customer, if you sell consumable products, our Replenishment Automator can help.

Windsor Circle's Predictive Marketing Platform is priced from $20,000 for full platform (which includes our core offering, 4 campaign modules and data integrations, installation, and training) contact us for additional pricing. 

Windsor Circle’s predictive marketing solutions help retailers optimize marketing campaigns based on customer, purchase, and behavioral data and insights.


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    This version includes improvements and bug fixes to support the optimization of your marketing campaigns based on customer, purchase and product data via Windsor Circle's Predictive Marketing platform.


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