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This extension is in our Payment category. Please remember that it is the merchant’s responsibility to ensure the proper PCI compliance level of their store, as applicable by PCI regulations. The PCI Self-Assessment is one tool you can use when evaluating Payment extensions and how they may affect your PCI compliance level. For more information on Marketplace policies, please review the Marketplace Terms & Conditions.

Stripe Payment Gateway

This is an Integration with a Third Party Service. Other charges and fees may be required to use this extension on your Store


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Stripe is a global technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. It is the fast-growing payment gateway in recent years, with presences in 34 countries and 100000+ merchants. It is the is first and foremost a technology company with a mission to increase the GDP of the internet.

Stripe Payment Gateway module is PCI compliant payments system and will work in live and in debugging mode. With Stripe Payment Gateway, the customers can securely checkout for the payment as it doesn’t store any customer information. Moreover, the store owners can accept various cards, generate webhooks, view transaction information at the Stripe dashboard, and process online refunds.


Business Value

The checkout experience for the customers must be very smooth and secure because that will ultimately define the customer's decision to make purchases on your eCommerce website. All the efforts which indulge in beautifying the website with modern design will go away if, in the end, your customers cannot check out with convenience.

So providing a safe, secure, fast, and reliable payment option for your customers is a must for every online merchant.

It helps the store owner to build a strong relationship between the customer and the store. Using the Stripe Payment Gateway, the admin can facilitate their customers with the best payment methods.


Account & Pricing

An additional Stripe account is needed to use this extension. The account can be created free of cost. There is no setup, monthly, or hidden fees.

  • For signing up for the Stripe account click here.
  • If you are already having an account, then click here to log in.
  • Stripe has pay-as-you-go pricing, which you can check from here
  • It takes 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge.
  • You can contact sales team for more information.


Features List

  • Working with Stripe supported currencies.
  • Allow buyers to pay using all cards that the Stripe supports.
  • Working with the latest Stripe API.
  • Use Payment Intents API to build dynamic payment flows.
  • Supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), to authenticate European customers’ online payments.
  • Enable or disable the payment method.
  • Set the custom payment method title.
  • Upload custom image to show during the Stripe payment method checkout.
  • Select the applicable countries for this payment method.
  • Set minimum & maximum order amount to use the Stripe payment method.
  • Set the sorting order of this payment method.
  • Generate webhooks from the module configuration.
  • Guest users can also use the Stripe payment method.
  • Process an online refund using the Stripe payment gateway.
  • Sync and view online store transaction details on the Stripe dashboard. 


How Does The Extension Works?

Stripe API

The admin can set the title of the Gateway, enter the API Publish Key, API Secret Key, upload the Image under the settings.


Applicable Countries

The admin can decide whether to accept the payment from all the countries or some specific countries. Also, the admin can select specific countries.


Set Order Total

The admin can also decide the minimum and maximum order total to checkout with the Adyen payment gateway.


Generate Webhooks

The admin can generate the webhook and see the collected data from the stripe dashboard.


Card Details

After selecting the Stripe Payment Gateway, the customer will be redirected to the Stripe Payment Page where the customer will enter the card detail.


Checkout - Stripe

The buyers can opt for the Stripe payment gateway on the checkout page for making the payment. Note - This module does not work with Multiple Address Checkout. After successful checkout, the amount will pay to the Stripe account of the admin.


View Transactions On Stripe Dashboard

The admin can see the list of all the transactions in the Stripe account also.


Stripe Online Refund

The admin can complete the refund request. Also, they can select the online refund to refund through Stripe.


Security & PCI Compliance

The Stripe Checkout and Stripe Elements use a hosted payment field for handling all payment card data, so the cardholder enters all sensitive payment information in a payment field. Also, that originates directly from our PCI DSS validated servers.

It analyzes the integration method and advises the customer on which PCI form to use and how to reduce your compliance burden. For large merchants (Level 1), we provide a PCI-packet that can reduce PCI validation time from months to days. You can find more on Stripe PCI Compliance, Integration Security, and Privacy Policy.



For Store Admin

  • Reduces the scope of PCI DSS.
  • It protects and helps to grow worldwide customers.
  • An easy refund can be done.
  • Accept payment from almost all kinds of cards.


For Customers

  • It allows the customer to purchase directly from the site and support for capture and refund. 
  • The amount of the canceled transactions will be refunded directly to the customer's account.
  • The customer can pay from the different types of cards such as Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, Diners Club.


Live Demo

You can check live demo from here.


Support Policy

  • You get free 3 months of technical support included.
  • You can buy 6 or 12 months extended support agreement.
  • For issues, please create a ticket or send email to support@webkul.com
  • Free lifetime updates of the module.

Technical Specifications

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Seller profile

Webkul Software Private Limited

Seller contact




Current Version


Adobe Commerce platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.4 (current), 2.3 (obsolete)

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.4 (current)

Commerce on Cloud (ECE): 2.4 (current)


Stable Build


21 December, 2022


Extensions, Payments & Security, Fraud, Checkout Enhancements, Payment Integration

Supported Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE

Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


Coding Standard


Plagiarism Check


Malware Check


Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Adobe Commerce that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Fixed issues
    + Compatible with the Webkul Service Fee module.
    + Compatible with the Webkul Reward System module.


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Fixed issues


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x CE


  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Fixed issues
    + Compatible with the Webkul Service Fee module.
    + Compatible with the Webkul Reward System module.
    + Compatible with Webkul Store Credit, Gift Card, and Gift Wrapping features.


  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Fixed issues


  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Compatible with Magento EE 2.4.x


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 3.0.0 --------------------------------------

    + Module updated as per the new Stripe checkout API.

    -------------------------------- Version 2.1.0 --------------------------------------

    + Compatible with Magento 2.3

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.4 --------------------------------------

    + Module updated as per new Stripe checkout API

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.3 --------------------------------------

    - Fixed issue of save duplicate card details.
    - Fixed issue of security check of expiry date when payment from saved card details.
    - Fixed the issue of information about the Stripe payment method.
    - Fixed the issue of the locale of Stripe pop up.
    - Fixed the issue of integration of Alipay.
    - Bitcoin payment is removed as Stripe ended bitcoin support.
    + Admin can enable the zip code validation from the backend.
    + Admin can enable the shiiping or billing address from the backend.


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