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04 July, 2017
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Size Chart allows you to display a customizable pop-up table on the product page. The size chart is necessary for apparel and footwear products.

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Size Chart module allows you to display customizable pop-up tables on the product page. The size chart is necessary for apparel and footwear products. It can also be used for displaying international conversion size charts for different regions such as UK, US, or Europe. You can add images and add to cart buttons in the size chart. Size chart can be created for simple and configurable products.

With the help of size chart, the users are able to find the exact dimensions of the products before ordering the products. Size chart can be used for displaying comparative sizes for different regions. It greatly helps the users who are buying apparel and footwear products online.

Features of Size Chart -

  • The admin can add multiple size chart templates for the products.
  • Two kinds of templates can be created – normal product and configurable product.
  • An image can be attached to the size chart.
  • Any number of rows and columns can be added to the size chart.
  • Add to cart button can be added to configurable products.
  • Size chart module supports multiple image formats - jpg, png, jpeg.
  • It works with simple, virtual and configurable product types.
  • Size chart module supports multiple languages transalation.

WorkFlow of Size Chart -

After successfully installing the module, go the admin backend and navigate to Store->Configuration->Webkul Size Chart. Now select the attribute code you want to use for creating size chart for configurable products.

Then create a size chart template by navigating to  Webkul Size Chart ->View Templates and enter all the details. After creating the template go to product settings page and select the size chart template from the menu option. Then you need to set up the customizable  option settings and add custom options as that of the selected size chart template.

Benefits of Size Chart -

Admin Benefits -

The store owner can create size chart for new and existing  products. Different kinds of size chart templates can be created. The admin can even provide the size chart for configurable products. The admin can help its store visitors for finding right sizes according to their requirements.

Users Benefits -

It helps the user to find more detailed information about the products. The user can also use the size chart for comparing sizes for different regions. Size chart is very helpful at the time of ordering apparel or footwear products. The users get an idea about the product which they are about to purchase from the online store.

Demo - You can check the live demo here.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Admin can create size charts for product to be displayed on product view page.
    + Templates can be created for user defined attributes in case of configurable type.
    + Templates can be created for custom options in case of simple type.
    + Admin can decide, which attributes should be shown while creating new templates, in the store configuration.
    + Works with products like Simple,Virtual and Configurable.
    + Admin can create new templates and edit the old ones.
    + While being created, products can be assigned a template which will be displayed at the frontend.
    + In case of simple products, the custom options will be displayed in the templates at the frontend.


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