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Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On



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10 December, 2017
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Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On is a useful module which allows the seller to add the shipping rates through the CSV files from their end.

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Note: This module is an add-on of Webkul's Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul's Multi Vendor Marketplace first.

This extension allows the sellers to create custom shipping methods under their own account panel. The sellers can easily create the marketplace table rate shipping and marketplace table rate superset methods that will be available for use by the customers at the checkout time depending upon the priority of the method. This extension is necessary as the admin can only add the table rate shipping and the superset of his products but the sellers of the marketplace were not able to do the same.

Now, the sellers of the marketplace can add their own table rate shipping methods and their table rate supersets shipping methods. Using the table rates the sellers can display the shipping price to the customers when the condition for - Country code, Region code, Weight, Zip Code Range, Numeric Zipcode, and the Alphanumeric Zipcode is met. In the case of the table rate superset, the shipping price calculation is based on the price of the products if the condition is met then the shipping method and the shipping cost will be displayed to the customer at the time of checkout.

Use Case of Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On -

In the multi-vendor shop, it is very hard to manage the shipping based on the vendor location, the weight of the product and the customer's destination. This problem is solved by this extension as the sellers will be able to create different shipping rules that that will be used for the price calculation according to the table rates. The entities involved for calculation the shipping cost depends upon - Country code, Region code, Weight, Zip Code Range, Numeric Zipcode, and the Alphanumeric Zipcode. The sellers can also create supersets that will allow the price calculation based on the price of the products.  Shipping method and charges will be shown on the invoice as well. The admin can set the Table Rate Shipping for their Store Products. But, for the sellers, table rate shipping method is not provided by default in the marketplace module. So, this particular shipping module allows the seller to set the table rate shipping for their products.

Features of Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On -

  • Sellers/admin can add shipping rates using CSV file for table rates.

  • Admin can assign shipping rates to any seller by entering the seller id.

  • Seller and admin both can create sub-methods for Table Rate Shipping.

  • The admin and the sellers can create Super Shipping Set.

  • Shipping will be calculated based on ZIP and weight of the product.

  • Shipping cost will be calculated as per the seller or vendor.

  • Marketplace Table Rate Shipping supports alphanumeric zip codes.

  • The seller can confirm the order and can set the tracking ID for the order.

  • Shipping rates will populate based on CSV during checkout.

  • Option to export shipping CSV file from the back-end.

  • The seller can add Invoice & Packing Slip address, VAT, TAX information.

  • Ability to download Invoice & Shipping slip easily.

  • The codes are open so it can be customized easily.

Work-Flow of Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On -

**Note: When table rate superset is applicable to the cart then table rate shipping rule will not apply. Also, if the superset is not applicable then shipping rule will apply. The highest priority is always given to the table rate superset.

After the successful installation of this module, the admin can enable the Table-Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On under Store > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Webkul Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Detail. The seller can configure their table rate shipping options under the "Marketplace Table Rate Shipping". Here the seller will upload the CSV file containing “Country Code”, "Region Id", “Zip from”, “Zip to”, “Price”, “Weight from”, “Weight to”, and much more. Similarly, the seller can configure their table rates as per the price range of the products under "Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Superset".

After the order is placed, the seller can go to “My Product List” and view the “Quantity Sold” for that particular order. On clicking on the “Quantity Sold” number, the seller can see the product with “Invoice” option. After the approval of the order, the seller can generate the invoice and then the seller can set the tracking number, shipping details and save it. Only after that, the order status will be “Complete”.

Benefits of Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Add-On -

This marvelous shipping module allows the sellers to upload the shipping rates via CSV from the seller panel. It gives the seller, a sense of freedom that they can use their defined shipping rates for the shipment of their products. The seller will have control and can manage shipping rates, order management. When the order management will be fast, then your customers will be satisfied with the service and in future will opt for your Marketplace only.

Store owner/Vendor benefits – Using this module merchants can provide the Table Rate Shipping to their buyers. The shipping price is calculated based on CSV file entered by the seller. The Merchant's can also make use of the table rate superset to show the shipping method and the price for shipping the products. The table rate super set shows the shipping price that is based on the price range of the products.

Customer benefits – Buyer will have this shipping method on the checkout page if the buyer's shipping address matches the CSV's  -Country code, Region code, Weight, Zip Code Range, Numeric Zipcode, and the Alphanumeric Zipcode. Also, if the seller has set the table rate superset method then the shipping method and the price will be displayed if the product in the cart satisfies the price range for the superset method. 

 Demo - You can check the live demo here.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.1 --------------------------------------
    + Seller and admin can create superset for free shipping rate and fixed shipping rate.
    + Admin can create superset rates for the seller.
    + Seller and Admin can create sub-methods for the Table rate shipping.
    + Admin can create rates for the seller.


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