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Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

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Stable Build
15 April, 2019
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Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension converts your Magento Store into a complete online marketplace shop

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The extension enables multi-vendor support at your e-commerce store. The Vendors will be able to add and manage their products, order, and shipping.This extension allows the customers to buy the products from various vendors using the single cart. The customers can also provide the feedback and rating based on vendor product/service. Also, the customers can easily communicate with the seller, they can send messages for more information about products, warranties, shipping, & returns.

The seller can manage the inventory, shipment, Seller Profile page, Seller Collection page and much more. The seller can add multiple products like Simple, Configurable, Virtual & Downloadable.

The admin will be able to view the marketplace configuration setting under Store > Configuration > Marketplace.

Use Case of Multi Vendor Marketplace - 

Online e-commerce shop has two entities: store owner and buyer. The merchant/store owner will add the product and the buyer/customer will buy the product. What will happen when, let's say, the customer wants to sell their product in your store also? This extension will bridge this gap, allowing customers to also sell their products in the store. The store owner will be benefited from per transaction commission.


Features of Multi Vendor Marketplace:

  • A special and attractive design for manage the Products, Sellers, and Commission.

  • Separate Seller Profile with Company Logo and Seller Collection Page with Company Banner.

  • The admin can allow separate vendor dashboard.

  • An interactive vendor dashboard in a separate vendor panel.

  • Vendors can access their customer grid, reviews, and activities easily.

  • Allowed vendors to view all statements (total earning, total sales, total admin commission, total payout, and remaining payout) on their panel.

  • Allowed vendors to make the withdrawal request for their remaining amount via their panel.

  • Different Product type for Seller (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable).

  • Allow admin to create email custom templates.

  • Using seller dashboard seller can track his income, latest order, comment and reviews, recent orders and recent comments with total sales matrix.

  • This module provides an attractive landing page with top 4 sellers with their top 3 products.

  • Admin can choose and customize 3 different layouts for Landing Page.

  • Marketplace sells page (in case of layout 2 and layout 3) works as seller central where a seller can separately create his account.

  • Allow to the seller to edit shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.

  • Allow the seller to select Check boxes for enabling the social media fields on Seller’s Profile page

  • Admin can deny/approve/disapprove seller.

  • Admin can view, approve, disapprove, update, deny and delete a seller requested product.

  • Buyer can view all the details about the product is given by the seller.

  • Option to configure products with available attributes-key features.

  • Ajax checks for vendor/seller shop URL.

  • Contact the seller with captcha support.

  • Separate seller’s product collection.

  • Different seller commission for every seller.

  • Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.

  • The seller can manage the order from the front-end when approved by admin.

  • Product Preview for product approval at admin.

  • Admin can do the Landing page setting.

  • Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting.

  • The seller will be notified by mail when product inventory reaches the specified minimum level set by the admin.

  • The seller can change their profile page background color.

  • Allow seller to add Carrier and Tracking numbers for orders.

  • Seller buyer info. hide settings.

  • Automatically generate seller product URL’s like- Profile, Collection, Location & feedback URL.

  • Add Videos along with your product images at the add new product page in the Marketplace.

  • Added Product Assignment tab to render the product grid to mass assign products to the seller in seller edit page in admin panel.

  • Make SKU configurable Static/Dynamic for seller’s products so that admin can set accordingly.

  • Configuration setting for SKU prefix that the admin can configure for seller’s products.

  • Updated Seller Dashboard design.

  • Display sales report by using charts, sale by location, sales stats and filter the reports by year, month, week and day in seller dashboard.

  • Added Top Selling Category pie chart in the seller dashboard.

  • Admin can allow the seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell products from seller’s panel.

  • Ad min can allow the seller to add a product limit for the customer on product purchase.

  • The admin can view notification count for new seller request, add/edit seller product, and feedback review.

  • The sellers can view the notification count for product approval, new orders, and new transactions.

  • Allow vendor to provide information store wise.

  • A vendor can create a duplicate copy of a product.

  • Seller Public pages are SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly.


Workflow of Multi Vendor Marketplace:

After the extension setup, the customer can add and manage their product. All the product added by the vendor will be the part of the global catalog. After the approval of the web store, the admin product will be a front-end of the store. Customers will be able to buy the product from various vendors at the same time. Example -let's say there are three vendors Adam, Jack & Chris and their respective products are pa, pb & pc. Any customer can buy Pa, Pb & Pc together and after order completion vendors will be notified. The vendor can manage the order and shipping from their panel. Store administrator will get the commission on every successful transaction.

Let's explain some basic configuration at Store Owner and Seller end. 

Configuration at Admin End-

Global Commission Rate - In the global commission, the admin needs to enter a global commission rate, this commission mechanism will be applicable to all the sellers. Let us say as an example there is a seller S1 and his/her product(P1) price is 100 USD so on the sale of product P1 seller will get 80 USD and the admin will get 20 USD as commission.

Allow Seller to Manage Orders - By enabling “YES”, the admin allows the sellers to manage the orders from front-end. Now the seller can generate invoices for their ordered products, generate a tracking number and shipment for the orders of their products. Even the seller can notify the customers by sending them emails, cancel/refund the order and even print the order.

Move Product Tax to Seller Account - If move product tax to seller account is disabled or set as no then product Tax amount will forward into the Admin account otherwise, it will go into Seller account.

Seller Approval Required - Partner or seller approval is the same as product approval, during sign up of the seller if the admin allows this option then the user who will sign up in the store as a seller will convert into seller automatically. The store owner can set YES or NO.

Product Approval Required - Product Approval Required by this options the admin can restrict automatic approval of the product e.g If seller adds a product, every time product will be moderated by the admin, the store owner can set YES or NO.

Product Update Approval Required - By this option, the admin can restrict automatic approval when a seller tries to update any parameter of the product e.g If seller edit a product, every time product will be moderated by the admin, the store owner can set YES or NO.

Product Type For Seller - Here the admin will select different product types and these selected product types can be added by the seller from the front-end.

Product SKU Prefix - Value put by the admin in this field will be added at initial to the SKU that will be set by the seller. Also, this field only applies to the seller products. For example – If SKU prefix = “xyz” & product SKU is “T-Shirt” then, the product SKU becomes => “xyz” T-Shirt

Order Approval Required - When set as ‘Yes’, the admin has to approve each order manually and only after that seller will get notified about the order.

Configuration at Seller End-

Seller Sign up - Seller sign up is very easy, the user can sign up for the seller using marketplace landing page button or from store My Account link and during sign up, they need to choose “Want To Become Partner”. If they want to sign up as a seller then they need to choose YES else NO. If they choose YES then they need to put their shop URL which will be unique.

Marketplace Seller Panel Management - If the user has been approved by a seller then the marketplace block will display in the Account section of the user as per the image. From here Seller can view their own dashboard, edit their profile, add new products, delete their products, view their transaction list and order history. The seller can also view the notification count for product approval, new order placed, and new transaction.

Edit Seller Profile Information - Seller will have shop information like shop name, location about their shop, banner image, shop logo, company locality, shop meta description and many more parameters, as per the below image screenshot. In the Seller profile panel, the seller can add their various social media links, contact number, Background color (if enabled by the admin), Shop title, Company Banner, Company Logo, Policy details, etc. 


Benefits of MultiVendor Marketplace:

Store owner Benefits - Store owner will get the commission on every product sale. The store owner can set different commission scheme on different products, categories, and vendors.

Vendor Benefits - Selling at many channels will boost sales and revenue. The multichannel sale is a popular concept nowadays and selling on many marketplaces will lead to more sales.

Customer Benefits - The customer has a choice to buy a different kind of products at the marketplace. This will save a good amount of time also the customer can buy from various vendors. Customers can compare the products based on price, vendor rating, and location.


Demo - You can check the live demo here. 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.2.3 --------------------------------------
    + Declarative Schema added.
    + Sitemap feature added for seller's profile and collection pages.
    + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x and PHP 7.2.
    + Seller filter feature added in layered navigation
    + Added feature to select a different type of seller information display on the product page.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.1.9 --------------------------------------
    - Fixed Seller Order Status issue in seller order grid for separated dashboard layout.
    - Fixed Few bugs.
    + Added a new field to seller's profile page to add their privacy policy.
    + Added items and total child block in order view page.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.1.8 --------------------------------------
    + Added customer, review list page for default seller layout
    + Add transaction withdrawal request block in transaction page for default seller page layout.
    + Added Duplicate Product Create Feature at seller dashboard.
    + Added Layered Navigation in seller collection page.
    - Fixed product image upload console error issue at seller dashboard.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.1.5 --------------------------------------
    - Fixed Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) vulnerability issue with seller individual product delete.
    - Fixed color picker selection issue with mobile view.
    - Fixed order grid view load issue with marketplace shipping add-ons after generating the shipping label.
    - Fixed varnish cache issue with product view page.
    - Fixed product limit notification issue with non-seller products.
    - Fixed issue with Add New Product page when after saving product results an error it's wiping out all data from Add New Product page.
    - Fixed category un-assign issue when saving the product with Magento 2.2.x.
    - Fixed seller's product order shipping issue with multiple currencies.
    - Fixed issue with update seller profile page when after saving profile information results in an error it's wiping out all data from seller profile page.
    - Fixed issue with product status update with "Product Update Approval Required" setting as "No" at vendor dashboard.
    - Fixed issue with configurable product qty on order history page when separate vendor dashboard set as "No".
    - Fixed currency related order total issue.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.1.4 --------------------------------------
    - Fixed Cross-site scripting (XSS - stored) vulnerability issue.
    - Fixed separate seller dashboard left menu header logo issue.
    - Fixed seller product reindexing issue after approving by admin.
    - Fixed seller collection page sorting issue by name and position with Magento version 2.2.2.
    + Showing marketplace header links "Sell", "Vendor Dashboard"(in case of separate vendor dashboard only).
    + Added configuration setting for uploading logo for separate seller dashboard left menu header.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.1.3 --------------------------------------
    + Change seller public URLs design.
    - Fixed issue with custom options saves with magento2.2.
    - Fixed some issues.
    + Allowed vendors to add their information store wise.
    + Allowed vendors to have their separate vendor dashboard from their
    customer dashboard.
    + Allowed vendors to switch to their buyer dashboard from vendor
    dashboard and vice versa.
    + Allowed admin to configure vendor product add/edit page category tree
    view page like admin panel.
    + Added vendor login link.
    + Allowed vendors to see their customers grid if separate vendor panel
    + Allowed vendors to see their review grid if separate vendor panel enabled.
    + Allowed vendors to see their all activities grid if separate vendor panel
    + Allowed vendors to make withdrawal request for their remaining amount if
    separate vendor panel enabled.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.10 --------------------------------------
    - Fixed Bundle Product credit memo issues.
    - Fixed multi-currency order issues.
    - Fixed order coupon (when admin coupon is applied) issues.
    - Fixed product quantity save issues when flat catalog on.
    - Fixed minify HTML issues.
    - Fixed configuration product create the issue for swatch type attribute option
    new value.
    + added dispatch even on order mass approve action.
    + added short description field to add/edit product at seller dashboard.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.9 --------------------------------------
    + Created Seller Notification popup to notify seller regarding updates in
    Product List
    + Created Admin Notification popup to notify Admin regarding updates in
    Manage Product
    Manage Seller
    Manage Feedback
    + Added Tax/VAT field in seller edit profile setting.
    + Admin can view seller's product before approve.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Allow to add multi seller with help of the extension
    + Allow seller to add/update/delete products from their dashboard
    + Seller can delete his logo and banner from seller's profile
    + Seller can view hints for fields if enabled and set by admin
    + Seller can add Return and Shipping policy if enabled by admin
    + Category and sub category assignment to seller from admin
    + Product filter by name, date and status in seller's product list
    + Mass delete of product in seller's product list
    + Display total Payout and remaining amount of seller's in seller's dashboard
    + Latest seller's order in seller's dashboard
    + Seller's order with filter by order id, date and status in seller's orderhistory page
    + Add seller's order view page with commission and total seller's amount details
    + Add seller's transaction report with download record in csv and search filter by transaction id and date
    + TAX management for seller's product from marketplace setting at backend
    + Product update required setting from marketplace setting at backend
    + seller policies(return/shipping) enable/disable setting from marketplace setting at backend
    + Restrict seller to use only some selected categories for adding products from marketplace setting at backend
    + Make a Review on only Order Purchase setting from marketplace setting at backend
    + Hint(s) / Guide feature for the fields(for product and profile page) which will be managed by magento Admin
    + Seller and Product deny from admin panel
    + Massapprove of product and seller at backend
    + Admin can see seller's transaction details of total payout at backend
    + Manage seller's order grid with pay(individual and mass) options for admin at backend.
    + Attractive Marketplace Landing Page design
    + Atrrictive Seller's shop page like profile, collection, feedback, location page
    + Allow admin to configure martketplace landing page options like- banner, banner content, button label, icons etc
    + Display top 4 best sell sellers with their top 3 selling products
    + Allow sellers to manage their orders
    + Allow sellers to refund their order with return quantity to stock option and add comment option.
    + Allow customers to search seller by seller shop name in seller list page
    + Manage seller's total and commission on product refund
    + Change Marketplace Feedback grid collection in admin panel
    + Allow seller to add sample url, link sample url and link url for downloadable products
    + Allow seller to update configurable associate product from seller dashboard
    + Allow sellers to add social media icons on their profile page
    + Low stock notification to sellers if enable by admin.
    + Allow admin to create custom email templates for marketplace email templates.


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