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Multi Vendor Marketplace



Magento Platform
Open Source (CE)
1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
04 July, 2017
Extensions, Sales, Marketplace Feeds
Supported Browsers:
Chrome Linux: 42, 43, 44 Mac: 39, 44 Windows: 39, 40, 42, 43, 44 Firefox Linux: 31, 38, 39, 40, 41 Mac: 31, 38, 39, 40, 41 Windows: 31, 38, 39, 40, 41 Safari Mac: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 IE Windows: 10, 11, 8, 9
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Convert your basic e-commerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace, where multiple sellers can sell thousands of products on your website.

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Convert your basic e-commerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace, where multiple sellers can sell thousands of products on your website. The customer gets to choose various products from the catalog, they can compare various product features, compare prices among sellers, give ratings & reviews to sellers. The sellers can manage their products and orders from the front- end, they can customise their store with various elements, add shipping & tracking information with their orders. The admin has various options to control the marketplace, it can set customised commission rates for sellers, manage their orders, products, inventories, customise various transactional emails and manage reviews.

Although this Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module has many features and functionalities, but to further increase the online marketplace experience various marketplace add-ons can be added with this module such as shipping, payment, Split cart, RMA etc.

Use Case of Multi Vendor Marketplace -

A basic e-commerce store has one seller who caters to the needs of a number of buyers on its own. The buyers' demands are unknown, they want to purchase different kinds and types of products, a single seller cannot meet all the demands of the buyers. The only approach is to add vendors to its e-commerce store and convert it into a marketplace. Because of vendors, the number of products will be increased and the buyer won't have to search for another website.

This module transforms your basic e-commerce store into a marketplace, where any number of sellers can be added with any number of products. The admin can even set customised commission rates as per its requirement.

Features of Multi Vendor Marketplace -

  • Any buyer can become seller and can sell their products on Marketplace.
  • A special and attractive design to manage the Products, Sellers, and Commission.
  • Separate Seller Profile with Company Banner and Company Logo.
  • Different Product type for Seller (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable).
  • Admin can configure the Marketplace Module.
  • Allow admin to create custom templates.
  • Admin can assign or unassign product to any particular Seller.
  • Using seller dashboard seller can track his income, latest order, comment and reviews, recent orders and recent comments with total sales matrix.
  • Buyer can give their reviews about sellers.
  • This module provides an attractive landing page with top 4 sellers with their top 3 products.
  • Allow to seller to edit shop URL for Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
  • Option to view the list of all the sellers of the marketplace at one place.
  • Allow the seller to select Check boxes for enabling the social media fields on Seller’s Profile page.
  • Admin can deny/approve/disapprove seller.
  • Admin can view, approve, disapprove, update, deny and delete seller requested product.
  • Buyer can view all the details about the product is given by the seller.
  • Option to configure products with available attributes-key features.
  • Ajax check for vendor/seller shop URL.
  • Work with all the themes and templates including responsive templates.
  • Contact to seller with captcha support.
  • Separate seller’s product collection page.
  • Different seller commission for every seller.
  • Seller can manage the order from the front-end.
  • Product Preview for product approval at admin.
  • Admin can do the Landing page setting.
  • Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting.
  • Admin will allow Product Image Type for the product image when seller adds the product.
  • Admin can manage the inventory setting.
  • The seller will be notified by mail when product inventory reaches to the specified minimum level set by the admin.
  • Seller can change their profile page background color.
  • Allow seller to add Carrier and Tracking numbers for orders.
  • Allow seller to create duplicate product from seller panel.
  • Automatically generate seller product URL’s like- Profile, Collection, Location & feedback URL.
  • Admin can choose and customize 3 different layouts for Landing Page.
  • Marketplace sell page (in case of layout 2 and layout 3) works as seller central where user can separately create his account.
  • Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.
  • The seller can manage the order from the front-end when approved by admin.
  • Admin can allow seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell products from seller’s panel.
  • Admin can allow seller to add product limit for customer on product purchase.
  • Multi-lingual support, all language working including RTL (Hebrew and Arabic)

Workflow of Multi Vendor Marketplace -

After successfully installing this module, the admin can configure this module from the admin panel. Let's understand the basic workflow of this module:

Product Sale Commission - The admin can set the global commission rate for all each and every seller for every sale they made.

Attribute Set ID - The admin can decide which all attribute sets can sellers use to add new products to the catalog.

Allow Seller to Manage Orders - The admin can decide whether to allow sellers to manage their orders or not. If Yes option is selected, then the sellers can generate invoices, enter tracking & shipment information, cancel or refund, print the order from the front-end. Sellers can also send notification emails to its customers.

Move Product Tax to Seller Account - If move product tax to seller account is disabled or set as no then product Tax amount will forward into the Admin account otherwise, it will go into Seller account.

Admin Control- The admin can decide whether to have more control of the marketplace or to automate the process. The admin has an option which can allow anyone to sign up as a seller and start selling to the marketplace automatically without approval. The admin can also decide whether to allow sellers to add products or update product information without its approval or not. The admin can decide whether it wants to manage each order manually and then send it to the sellers or send the email about the new orders automatically.

Inventory Settings - The admin can send a low stock notification email to its sellers, to inform them about the product stock information. After setting the minimum quantity level for low stock information in the configuration, the emails will be sent automatically to the respective sellers.

Marketplace Seller Panel Management - Once the seller has been added to the marketplace, Marketplace section in My Account page. Here the seller can edit its seller profile, create an attribute for configurable products, add new products, view product list, view seller dashboard, view transaction list, order history.

Seller Profile Information - Seller can edit information about its profile which such as store title, contact number, banner, logo, locality, description, return policy, shipping policy, country, meta keywords & description and payment information. The sellers can even provide various social media link for their store. Request for any change in URLs for the profile page, reviews page, collection page and location page can be sent from this section.

Seller Dashboard - The sellers can view this section to see information about their income with the help of monthly graphical representation. It shows daily, weekly and monthly income figures, the total vendor payout and the remaining amount can also be seen on the dashboard. The seller can view its recent information about new orders and latest comments & reviews received. The seller can ask any question to the admin from this panel.

The admin and Seller have so many options for congigurations and with this Multi Vendor Marketplace provide so many other functionalities as well. For more details you can check the attached User Guide.

Benefits of Multi Vendor Marketplace -

Having a marketplace is surely beneficial for every one who is associated with it, be it the admin or the seller or the customer:

Admin Benefits - The admin will receive a commission for every product sold on their marketplace. It can even set customised commissions for different sellers. The admin will have more user traffic on its website due to the availability of more sellers on the website. The product count will be increased on its website because of the marketplace.

Vendor Benefits - Selling products on the marketplace is cost-effective and profitable for the vendors because every seller cannot set up their own webstore and sell products. It takes significant time and effort to run an e-commerce website successfully. Also, due to limited funds and lack of expertise, any new seller would want to associate with a popular online marketplace. After all, where there is more user traffic,  more sales conversions will surely happen.

Customer Benefits - The main advantage of shopping on any marketplace from the customer's point of view is the availability of so many products on a single website. Customers get to choose what product they want, they can even decide from which particular seller they want to purchase the item. Customers can compare product features, their prices, vendor ratings, read reviews etc.

You can check the Live Demo here-

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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 1.0.7 --------------------------------------
    + Allowed admin to save seller information by store view.
    ------------------------------- Version 1.0.6 --------------------------------------
    + Added functionality for not showing select dropdown of "Attribute Set" and "Product Type" for adding product if admin have only set single attribute set and product type respectively.
    -------------------------------- Version 1.0.5 --------------------------------------
    + Allowed seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell products from his dashboard.
    + Allowed seller to add product limit for customer on product purchase.
    + Added 3 types of layout for marketplace landing page that will be configurable from admin config settings.
    + Added Seller Central functionality through which seller can create account from the marketplace sell page.
    + Created seller registration block call on customer registration page configurable.
    + Added Order approval required setting at marketplace configuration settings through which seller can only get order place notification and can manage order after order approval by admin.
    + Allowed seller to create duplicate product from seller panel.
    + Allowed seller to save his/her profile informations by store view.
    -------------------------------- Version 1.0.4 --------------------------------------
    - Fixed seller shipping refund issue.
    + Add a column for seller shipping amount in admin seller order grid.
    -------------------------------- Version 1.0.3 --------------------------------------
    - Fixed Seller Collection and profile page product count and seller category issue.
    + Allow admin to create custom email templates for marketplace email templates.
    ------------------------------- Version 1.0.2 --------------------------------------
    - Fix Log issues.
    + Marketplace Landing Page design changes
    + Seller shop page like profile, collection, feedback, location page design changes
    + Allow admin to configure martketplace landing page options like- banner, banner content, button label, icons etc
    + Display top 4 best sell sellers with their top 3 selling products
    + Allow sellers to manage their orders
    + Allow sellers to refund their order with return quantity to stock option and add comment option.
    + Allow customers to search seller by seller shop name in seller list page
    + Manage seller's total and commission on product refund
    + Change Marketplace Feedback grid collection in admin panel
    + Allow seller to add sample url, link sample url and link url for downloadable products
    + Allow seller to update configurable associate product from seller dashboard
    + Allow sellers to add social media icons on their profile page
    + Low stock notification to sellers if enable by admin.
    + Allow admin to create custom email templates for marketplace email templates.
    -------------------------------- Version 1.0.1 --------------------------------------
    + Layout design changes
    + Seller can delete his logo and banner from seller's profile
    + Seller can view hints for fields if enabled and set by admin
    + Seller can add Return and Shipping policy if enabled by admin
    + Category and sub category assignment to seller from admin
    + Product filter by name, date and status in seller's product list
    + Mass delete of product in seller's product list
    + Display total Payout and remaining amount of seller's in seller's dashboard
    + Latest seller's order with filter by order id, date and status in seller's dashboard
    + Seller's order with filter by order id, date and status in seller's orderhistory page
    + Add seller's order view page with commission and total seller's amount details
    + Add seller's transaction report with download record in csv and search filter by transaction id and date
    + TAX management for seller's product from marketplace setting at backend
    + Product update required setting from marketplace setting at backend
    + seller policies(return/shipping) enable/disable setting from marketplace setting at backend
    + Restrict seller to use only some selected categories for adding products from marketplace setting at backend
    + Make a Review on only Order Purchase setting from marketplace setting at backend
    + Hint(s) / Guide feature for the fields(for product and profile page) which will be managed by magento Admin
    + Seller and Product deny from admin panel
    + Massapprove of product and seller at backend
    + Admin can see seller's transaction details of total payout at backend
    + Manage seller's order grid with pay(individual and mass) options for admin at backend.
    + Work with all the themes and templates including responsive templates e.g rwd,ultimo


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