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04 July, 2017
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Seller Locator Marketplace Add-On will display the vendor's location in Google maps and the buyer can search the products based on city, location.

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Note- This module is an add-on of Webkul's Marketplace Module. To use this module, you must have purchased and installed Multi Vendor Marketplace first.

Seller Locator Marketplace Add-On helps the customer to know the exact location of the seller's physical store on the Google Map. Seller Locator Marketplace Add-On allows the customer to search the product based on Location. This module also allows the customer to search the product on the basis of distance (in KM) or the name of the city/town. The customer can also see a list of sellers with their location on the side. The customer can see seller's collection page link and profile page link with Seller's logo on the Map. Admin also can set seller location under Marketplace Management-> Map Locator Manager. To get Google Map API Key click here

Use Case of Seller Locator Marketplace Add-On - Customers love genuine product & sellers. When the customer sees the exact location of the sellers on the Google Map, a trust is developed among the customers. The seller can input their address or latitude & longitude on the profile page and save it. The admin on the order hand can even change the saved data ( location details) from the admin end if needed.

Features of Seller Locator Marketplace Add-On -

  • Sellers can add/edit their location.
  • Admin can add/manage seller’s location.
  • Admin can set the default location cover distance.
  • Allow customer to search the seller by product name.
  • Allow customer to search the seller by Town or City.

Workflow of Seller Locator Marketplace Add-On -

After the installation of the module, admin can configure the module. The admin can enter the default location cover distance & Google Map API Key. The admin can add/edit seller's store location and view a list of all the seller's location. The sellers can also change their location from their profile. After the locations of sellers are saved they are visible to customers as a marker. Now, the customer can see "Seller Locator" in the Footer. Guest User can also see "Seller Locator"  in Footer Link. The customers can search the sellers using product name and name of the city/town.

Benefits of Seller Locator Marketplace Add-On - 

Admin Benefits: Admin can set default cover location distance and also set location for sellers

Seller Benefits: Seller can save their physical location which allows the customers to locate seller store easily.

Customer Benefits: The customer can zoom in and zoom out the Google Map and check the number of sellers in the selected map area. Customers can search the seller using product and location name. The admin can change the saved data ( location details) from the admin end if needed.

Demo: You can Check the live demo here:

Frontend Demo

Backend Demo

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Fully compatible with version 2.1.*


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