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Etsy Integration

This is an Integration with a Third Party Service. Other charges and fees may be required to use this extension on your Store


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Etsy is an American e-commerce marketplace focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. These items fall under a wide range of categories, including jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, and art. Etsy is a global marketplace site and follows the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts where they list their goods for a small fee. As of December 31, 2018, Etsy had over 60 million items in its marketplace connecting 2.1 million sellers with 39.4 million buyers.

Etsy Connector extension allows the merchants to map the Etsy store with the Magento 2 online store. The store owners can now list and sell products in both the platform with the proper synchronization in the product and orders. The store owners will be able to map the categories of the Etsy and Magento store and then the import will happen accordingly. The extension allows the store owners to sell the products on multiple platforms that will increase the sales revenue and will be delivered to various customer groups. The orders and the products can be easily imported from the Etsy store. The export of products can also be done from Magento to the Etsy store.


Business Value

To nurture a better sales rate is the main goal of the Etsy connector module. It actually integrates the Magento 2 store with the Etsy Store. Because in today’s business era, it is most important to list the products in as many websites and stores as possible. 

With this, the store owners can sync various products, categories, and orders from the Etsy store to Magento 2 store. The products can also be exported from the Magento store to the Etsy store. The status and location of the orders that are imported from the Etsy store will be selected by the admin.


Account & Pricing

To use this connector, you must have the Etsy account to get the Developer's Keys. While installing the module, the account is not created. 

  • Etsy seller membership is totally free. You also use your social login for creating the account.
  • The extension requires Etsy Developer keys for the Etsy integration. This is achieved by creating an Etsy Developer Account.
  • There is no monthly fee or subscription. However, Etsy charges US$ 0.20 Listing fee per item. Listings are active for four months, or until they sell.
  • Once sold, there is a small commission fee (5%) and a standard PayPal payment processing fee.
  • For more information, please click here.


Features List

  • Connect multiple Etsy seller accounts.
  • The admin will decide whether to use Etsy credentials Globally or uniquely for each Etsy account created.
  • Import Etsy products – active and expired.
  • Select the default order status for Etsy orders.
  • Import Etsy orders according to selected dates.
  • Select Attribute Set ID for each Etsy account.
  • Assign imported products to the correct Magento category.
  • Export all or selected Magento 2 products to Etsy listing.
  • Supports mapping of products with variations and options.
  • Map Etsy categories with Magento categories.
  • Mention Etsy variation and specification in products.
  • Select the default web-site for importing products.
  • View mapping process result after execution.
  • Delete record entries from the product and order sync list.
  • Set a default shipping template for exporting products.


How Does The Extension Works?

Etsy Developer API

For using the module, it is a must for the store owner to have the Etsy app and the consumer credentials. The link is mentioned above for creating the same. Further, the user will get the consumer key and consumer secret. 


Manage Synchronization Settings

After the credentials are generated, the store owner will add them to the general settings. The admin can either use single credentials for all the Etsy stores or different stores for multiple Etsy accounts. Although, the store owner can also manage the order and product sync settings. The admin can also set the location or status for the orders imported from the Etsy Store.

The admin can also select the store view for storing the products that are going to be stored in the Magento store. The images will be included with the product details will be decided by the admin. 


Sync Multiple Etsy Seller Accounts

The store owner can create Etsy accounts by providing the shop name and the attribute set. If the admin has configured the different secret keys for each account then they need to add the keys too. Once the account is created it will be listed in the existing account list. 

After creating the account it is a must for the store owner to Edit the account and then authenticate the same. There will be an Authenticate button visible, that will redirect the owner to the Etsy seller website where the store owner needs to log in. After that, the authenticated status will be visible on the same edit page.


Map Categories

Once the Etsy seller details are authenticated, the store owner needs to map the Etsy store category with the current Magento store Category. Further, the store owner needs to create a map category. After that, they need to enter the Magento Category and its respective Etsy category. Finally, after saving that, the mapping will be completed.


Sync Products From Etsy To Magento 2

The store owner will then manage the product sync from the Etsy store. All the exported and imported product lists will be available under the Etsy account edit page. The store owner is then required to select the status of the product that is retrieved from the Etsy store. After execution, the products will be imported. To show them on the Magento store, the store owner needs to click on the button adjacent to it.


Sync Etsy Orders To Magento 2

A proper cron setup is there to import the orders placed on the Etsy Stores. The store owners need to add the duration of the dates for which the orders need to be visible. Then after the execution of import, the order list will be visible. 


Export Magento Products To Etsy Marketplace

In the same way, the store owner can also export products to the Etsy store. The store owner will select the Export To Etsy under the Action dropdown and then after the execution, the exported product list will be visible to the store owner.



For Store Owner

  • Add and sync multiple Etsy seller accounts.
  • Can simply manage the export and import of products.
  • Orders can also be imported from the Etsy store. 
  • The status and location of the imported products can be set for the products.
  • Can map several Etsy stores with the Magento stores as well.


For Customers

  • With multichannel selling, online shoppers can buy items from Etsy or Magento online store.
  • If a product is not available at Etsy, the customers can visit the Magento store, vice versa.


Support Policy

  • You get free 3 months of technical support included
  • You can buy 6 or 12 months extended support agreement
  • For issues, please create a ticket or send email to support@webkul.com
  • Free lifetime updates of the module

Technical Specifications

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Seller profile

WebKul SoftWare Private Limited

Seller contact




Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3


Stable Build


14 September, 2020


Extensions, Sales, Comparison Shopping Engines, Marketplace Feeds, Point of Service (POS)

Supported Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE

Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


Coding Standard


Plagiarism Check


Malware Check


Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -------------------------------- Version 3.0.0 --------------------------------------

    + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
    + Declarative schema added.
    + Mapped order tracking information sync from Magento to Etsy.

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.2 --------------------------------------

    + Compatible with Magento 2.2.x

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.1 --------------------------------------

    + Removed deprecated methods of Etsy API.

    -------------------------------- Version 2.0.0 --------------------------------------

    + Compatible with Magento 2.1.x
    + The admin can get products from Etsy.
    + Synchronized Etsy product work like the same as the Magento product.
    + Product can sync with specification and variation.


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