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Store Credit

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07 February, 2019
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Allows to refund by giving credit to customer. Customer can spend credit to buy products from the store. Owners can sell discounted credit (e.g. $100 credit for just $90).

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With Store Credit extension for Magento® 2, each customer will have his own credit account on your Magento website. When you get a refund request from your customer, instead of sending money back to customer’s bank account you can refund to their Store Credit on your website. Your customer can use this credit to buy other products from your website. If you return the money direct to your customer’s bank account, he can use it and buy products from another websites but with Store Credit extension, you can keep your customer spending his money in your website only. So you don't lose the money, it is still in your pocket.

You can motivate customers to keep their cash as Store Credit in your website by selling credit product with a good rate. For example customer can buy $100 credit value for just $90.

The Store Credit extension provides you a new way for giving discount to your customer. You can add some credit to your customer’s store credit to encourage them to buy your product. For example, in the birthday of a customer you send him a gift with $10 credit. Previously, he has no idea about what he should buy from your website. But after getting the gift of credit money he may come and buy something from your website.

The Store Credit extension will keep your customer coming back and buying more from your website. When a customer has something to buy and he has amount of Credit, guaranty that he will come back and buy product from you.


Feature highlights:

Making Credit Product

There are 3 types of credit product:

  • Fixed Value: With this product type, each product will be set for a fixed credit value with its fixed price. When customer buy this product he will get credit value, which is set for the product. For example, you create a credit product of this type and set the credit value for this product is $100 and set price for this is $90. Customer can buy this product for $90 and he will get $100 credit added to his account.
  • Dropdown Value: You can set multiple fixed credit value with corresponding price for a product of this type. When buying this product customer will need to select the credit value as a dropdown. For example, you can create a credit product of this type and set multiple values for it, like below:
    $100 credit - ($90)
    $200 credit - ($170)
    $500 credit - ($400)
    When customer buy this product he will need to select the credit value from a dropdown list. E.g. he choose $200 credit then the price of the product will be changed automatically to $170.
  • Custom Value: With this product type you can set the range for credit value. You will need to set the exchange rate for credit value to its price. When customer buy this product he will be able to enter the credit value which he want to buy and the product price will be calculated automatically based on the credit exchange rate set by you.
    For example you create a credit product of this type with credit value range is from $100 to $500 and the exchange rate is 1.5 (each $1 customer spends, he will get $1.5 credit). So if he enter $300 credit to buy, the price will be updated to $300/1.5 = $200.

Depend on business target, the admin can create one of 3 credit-product types to put on sale. It is very easy to make and manage credit-product with friendly interface.

Managing Customer using Store Credit

With Credit Transaction menu, the Admin has a list of all customers using credit and their information such as name, email, credit balance, telephone, etc... In order to view more details about each customer, the admin can access to customer managing page to see all customer's transaction history, credit balance and the admin can also add or subtract credit for each customer.

Refunding the cancelation order using Store Credit

Instead of refunding to customer's credit card, bank account or another payment gate, which will take a lot of time for confirming and transferring, you can refund the cancelation order to customer's store credit. Your customer can immediately use credit to make a new order.

Using Credit in purchasing

In Frontend, customer can easily buy and manage their Store Credit. For using credit in payment they can find the menu in Checkout page, or even in Shopping Cart. Only thing they need to do is typing amount of credit they want to pay for the order and click to "Apply" button.

Adding Credit for customer as gift

In some occasion, you want to encourage your customer to go shopping on your store, so giving them some credit as gift is a good idea. With Store Credit, the admin can add credit for customer easily from backend.


Email to customer when their balance is changed

You can setup to automatically send an email to customer in order to announce a change in their credit balance.



To experience the extension first hand follow the link below:

Credit Demo Frontend


Credit Demo Backend

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - May 22, 2016
    Extension Release


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - May 22, 2016
    Extension Release


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