Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

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18 September, 2018
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This extension is developed to integrate the ReviewCaddy app with Magento store. The app helps merchants to manage customer reviews that are displayed on their sites.

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The ReviewCaddy app is a SaaS-based review and rating management app that helps you to manage the reviews and ratings of the customers and display on the digital store in a rich and interactive way. It also reminds buyers to post the review on their purchased item that encourages them to share their experience in the store. 

The ReviewCaddy extension for Magento is developed to integrate the ReviewCaddy app with the Magento store. This extension makes it easy for Magento developers to integrate the app by entering the API credentials without any additional coding and also saves time for the ReviewCaddy app implementation. 

 The ReviewCaddy app provides the following benefits to the sellers:

  • Drive more traffic to the digital store and increase in sales.
  • Build trust of the visitors on the store products.
  • Customer engagement by connecting with them.
  • Better site SEO due to customer reviews.
  • Social sharing of the store products.


Plan & Pricing:

This extension requires a subscribed ReviewCaddy plan. Click here to subscribe to the ReviewCaddy account. You can visit our Pricing section to know more information on the plans and pricing.



Application Integration Support:

After subscribing to the ReviewCaddy app, ReviewCaddy team contacts the merchant and sets up the ReviewCaddy app on their store. 

Mobile Optimized Review Form:

ReviewCaddy provides an interactive mobile optimized review form that is compatible with most screen resolutions. ReviewCaddy has 4 pre-built Review forms for the merchants to select one for their store.

Prebuilt Templates:

Layout Manager in ReviewCaddy provides the flexibility to change the look and feel of the Review form, Review display, and email templates.

Upload Photos and Video:

Buyers can submit their experience through Photos and Video along with their reviews. ReviewCaddy has the feature to allow buyers to upload photos and video in the review form.

Average Rating Widget:

ReviewCaddy provides Average Rating widget that displays average ratings under the products listed on the Category and Search pages.

Review Display Section:

ReviewCaddy provides the mobile-optimized review display section to display the customer reviews in a rich and interactive way. ReviewCaddy provides 4 interactive pre-built review display templates to choose from.

Verified Reviewer Badges:

ReviewCaddy displays Reviewer Badges with each review. The badge indicates whether the review is provided by a Verified Buyer, Verified User or an Anonymous User. The application also provides the ability to block non-verified users to write reviews.

Moderate Reviews:

ReviewCaddy Merchants can moderate customer reviews before displaying it on the product detail pages of the store. Reviews can be rejected from displaying it on the store if the admin finds it to contain inappropriate and irrelevant content. It is necessary to submit a valid reason to reject the review which will be emailed to the reviewers. ReviewCaddy also provides the ability to the merchants to reply to their customers through email on the reviews submitted by them. 

Review Reminder Emails:

Through the ReviewCaddy application, the Review Reminder emails can be scheduled to remind the buyers to write reviews on the products purchased by them from the site.

Import/Export Reviews:

Reviews from other sources and e-commerce sites owned by the ReviewCaddy merchant and can be imported into the ReviewCaddy application. Similarly, reviews can also be exported from ReviewCaddy dashboard in an excel file format.


How it Works

After signing up to the ReviewCaddy app, it is necessary to install the ReviewCaddy extension in the Magento store and add the following API credentials on the Magento dashboard:

  • Site ID
  • Seller ID
  • API key

You can get these API credentials from the ReviewCaddy dashboard.


ReviewCaddy extension also provides following configurations on the Settings page:

  • Display Reviews per Page: This section is used to configure the number of reviews to display per page. Based on the selection the reviews displays on a page in the review widget on the product detail page of the store.
  • Order Status: The ReviewCaddy extension has the option to select the Order status (Pending/Complete) and based on the selection of the status, the orders are fetched to the ReviewCaddy dashboard.


When the ReviewCaddy app integrates with the Magento store, it enables the following processes:

  1. Retrieves the product information of the Magento store to the ReviewCaddy dashboard.
  2. Retrieves the orders with selected status (Pending/Completed) to send the review reminder emails to buyers.
  3. Displays Review widget on the product detail page of the Magento store and the Average Rating widget with the item image on the Catalog page.
  4. Displays all submitted reviews on the ReviewCaddy dashboard for moderation and all approved reviews on the Magento dashboard.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    1. For Integrating the Magento store with ReviewCaddy app.
    2. Automatic fetches products from Magento to ReviewCaddy app.
    3. Submits reviews from Magento store and displays the moderated reviews to the Magento store.
    4. Automatically Fetches order information to Reviewcaddy app to send the review reminder emails.


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