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Vantage is the leading ecommerce advertising and analytics platform. Trusted by 20,000+ retailers worldwide to grow their ecommerce business.


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Vantage is leading the industry with our data-driven ecommerce advertising and analytics that use your Magento store’s data to grow your customer base and increase sales. Vantage’s ecommerce expertise is trusted by over 20,000+ retailers worldwide. We’re committed to helping businesses identify opportunities and grow revenue in an easy and data-driven way. We leverage the data from the thousands of retailers worldwide to best understand how to be successful.

With this powerful extension, you can see all of your Magento store’s data on your own real-time dashboard. Vantage helps you increase revenue using predictive analytics and data from your store to launch automated advertising “Smart Campaigns”. With Vantage, your ads are improved automatically! Using powerful machine learning, the platform automatically optimizes out the bad ads and re-allocates the budget to the best ads, placements, and channels guaranteeing the best possible returns. Think of the time and money you'll save by only running ads that are performing.

A separate account is required to use this extension. To learn more and sign up for Vantage, click here. Plans start at $0.00/month. Please see our pricing page for more information.


Advertising | Make More Sales with Vantage Smart Campaigns 

Vantage Smart Campaigns are advertising campaigns built based on the key data metrics of your Magento store and driven by predictive analytics and machine learning. Smart Campaigns are designed to drive customers toward a single goal - making a purchase. With an average 10X return on ad spend, we are one of the leading Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

We understand that finding enough time in a day is a struggle for most retailers. Vantage is designed to save you 90%of time on campaign creation, and 100% of time on ad optimization. You can create and test hundreds of ad variations in just a few minutes.


How It Works 

Psychometric Targeted Audiences

We build up to 11 prospecting and retargeting audiences from your own Magento store’s data to help you attract new visitors and convert customers more effectively

Ad Creative

Select images from your product catalog, or upload custom images and videos to design your ads

Platform Selection

Choose if you’d like to advertise on Facebook, Instagram or both! 

Ad Placements

Simply drag-and-drop copy onto your ad placements and see exactly how your ads will look

Automatic Ad Optimization

Sit back and watch Vantage automatically optimize your campaigns. We will turn off bad ads and re-allocate the budget to the best ads, placements, and channels for the best possible return.


Analytics | Comprehensive Store Reporting

From data to insight, Vantage will help you monitor the operation of your ecommerce store in real-time. With the simple click of a button, all of your Magento store’s data is delivered to you on your Vantage Dashboard.

Real-time Dashboard

Analyze your store’s performance in real-time with your own custom dashboard. 

Over 100 Key Metrics

Review the metrics that matter most such as Abandon Cart Rate, Repeat Customer Rate, Average Order Value, and more.

Revenue Forecasting

See your projected revenue by the day, week, month, or year.


eShopper Marketing | Retailers and CPG Brands 

Vantage and retail partners are leading change with a breakthrough model in path-to-purchase. Vantage is helping CPG brands and retailers to collaborate and drive more profitable, performance ecommerce.

Using retailer data layered with shopper intent behavior reach real consumers all along their purchase journey. Working with both the retailer and brand, eShopper marketing creates a holistic view of the shopper at scale in a way that is robust, secure, scalable, and privacy-respecting. Attract, convert, and retain your most valuable customers with campaigns driven by predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Psychometric Ad Targeting

Using retailer data, Vantage works with CPG brands and retailers to build audiences based on psychometric profiles. Psychometrics can help us understand the drivers and motivations for your customers. 

Vantage helps you focus on why your customers are there, what’s driven them to be interested in your brand, and/or when they might buy from you. Vantage can even guide the messaging for those customers ready to switch from your competitor.

Monetize Store Traffic

Drive customers to the retailer’s store using data-driven advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

Data and Insight Delivery

Vantage delivers CPG brands more insight into what they can do to support ecommerce operations, ultimately creating the perfect partnership.



eShopper marketing raises engagement and lowers the cost to acquire customers by automating key action channels and marketing services.




Why Vantage? 

We offer you an automated solution for running your prospecting and retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram. Vantage installs the pixel, creates a product catalog for your store, builds custom audiences, and runs while at the same time auto-optimizing your campaigns. Our only ask of you is to choose the ad copy and image and set the duration and budget.

The ultimate purpose behind Vantage is to help ecommerce businesses like you grow because we understand revenue is the only metric that truly matters at the end of the day. Throughout your experience with Vantage, you will always see your revenue front and center with exactly how much of that came from working with Vantage. We are here to help you increase sales - period.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Vantage helps you increase revenue using data from your Magento store. Launch powerful advertising “Smart Campaigns”. With Vantage your ads are improved automatically! The platform automatically optimizes out the bad ads and re-allocates the budget to the best ads, placements, and channels guaranteeing the best possible returns. Think of the time and money you'll save by only running ads that are performing.
    - Brand new version for the Magento Marketplace


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