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Help customers locate your stores, dealers, distributors, products, or services using uStoreLocator, a premiere extension for the Magento platform. 

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uStoreLocator is very user-friendly, providing a simple yet flexible geo-location and directions module with worldwide location support. Results are fast and easily recognizable since we use Google Maps on the interface, making it a seamless experience when customers navigate your website, and then later to a real location you’ve shown them. (Fully integrated with Google Maps API V3)

It’s easy and powerful for Magento website owners, too. You can control the layout and styling so that uStoreLocator fits right in with your store’s interface, while its amazing functionality lets you customize maps to fit your needs, like defining different types of locations you want to show customers.

Make it easier to navigate your site and the real world with uStoreLocator.


Account & Pricing 

A Google account is required to use this extension. Additional fees apply for the Google Maps service. For additional information please visit Google Maps Pricing page.



  • Well-organized, easy to use, professionally designed, and customizable interface
  • Universal Search tool enables flexible and intuitive searching by a variety of parameters such as landmark, street name, postal/zip code, city, state, and country
  • Use Google’s default location markers or create custom map marker icons for individual locations or location types
  • Allows for full control of layout and styling with CSS to seamlessly blend with your site’s distinct look and feel
  • Search Results Filtering tool allows the administrator to define various location types or other location specific categories to allow visitors to filter through results via location tags
  • Provides directions to any defined location
  • Easily import or export locations with CSV documents
  • Fully configurable SEO-friendly map page URL
  • Ability to assign locations to all or specific stores
  • Ability to designate “Featured” locations to be highlighted and moved to the top of the list
  • Order by locations by either name or distance
  • Assign location-specific default zoom level
  • Gets fast results since it is integrated with and powered by the latest version of Google Maps API v3
  • Features support for worldwide locations (Google Maps limitations may apply)
  • Full support for all major and most popular browsers and Magento versions
  • Supports map, terrain or satellite views
  • Comes with 1 Year of Free Unlimited Support


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    ===== 2017-12-27 3.1.9 =====
    * Fixed calls to doesn't use API Key
    * Added "CURL UserAgent", "CURL Extra Headers" params
    * Fixed location field "Add sequence label to marker?"=No still show numbers on the map

    ===== 2017-12-25 3.1.8 =====
    * Fixed error on import locations make full import fail
    * Fixed import locations with empty coordinates doesn't recalculate (fetch) them
    * Fixed can't add new location with custom permissions role

    ===== 2017-10-20 3.1.7 =====
    * Fixed workaround for google bug of clipping custom markers

    ===== 2017-10-12 3.1.6 =====
    * Fixed import counter
    * Added graceful error processing when row columns count invalid

    ===== 2017-10-11 3.1.5 =====
    * Fixed locations mass delete
    * Fixed "Request Path for Specified Store already exists"
    * Fixed export storelocations

    ===== 2017-08-29 3.1.4 =====

    * fixed issue with ordering by distance when simply listing locations
    * on settings save, if there is no uploaded file stop import processing early

    ===== 2016-10-13 3.1.1 =====

    * fixed system export failing

    ===== 2016-08-01 3.1.0 =====

    * fixed issues with Ion Cube Loader for PHP 7
    * added user location option as default search
    * fixed export feature

    ===== 2016-04-20 3.0.2 =====

    * fixed paging
    * added some styling to sidebar
    * changed default locations collection

    ===== 2016-04-18 3.0.1 =====

    * fixed incorrect sprintf parameters

    ===== 2016-04-02 3.0.0 =====

    * initial M2 release

    ===== 2015-11-06 2.1.9 =====

    * fix for SUPEE-6788 white list of allowed blocks

    ===== 2015-10-28 2.1.8 =====

    * updated routing for patch SUPEE-6788

    ===== 2015-09-15 2.1.7 =====

    * fix for plain object returned as google result search
    * fix for missing setup script

    ===== 2014-02-26 2.1.6 =====

    * some changes to prevent eventual bugs
    * added check if json is correctly decoded before merging with array
    * added configurable delimiter for import/export of locations

    ===== 2013-08-28 2.1.5 =====

    * Added option to pick result if more than one is returned.
    * Added setting to configure multiple result text
    * Added error text if no results are found to use search location "formatted address"
    * Added logging if coordinates update fails* Changed regional biasing to use locale codes not country codes

    ===== 2013-08-20 2.1.4 =====

    * added custom fields option. For now it is static, limited to custom1, 2 and 3
    * fixed layout handle issue
    * Fixed minimum map zoom level not working when there are no locations loaded

    ===== 2013-06-04 2.1.3 =====

    * added back Google API key setting. It is optional but can be used to track usage.
    * added layout chooser for map page.
    * removed choosing geocoder url from settings since if it was stored before, it would not work with new google settings
    * refactored import, added few events that are fired during import so that plugins can hook in and import 3rd party data
    - store_location_import_row_validate - after SL validates imported data. Good to validate other data.
    - store_location_import_row_insert_after - after row is saved in DB, it has row's ID as 'location_id' so that 3rd party data can use it for relations to saved location

    ===== 2013-03-12 2.1.2 =====

    * added ability to reinstall module from within admin, not accessible via interface
    * fixed not working google geocoder link

    ===== 2013-02-16 2.1.1 =====

    * added mass action for location deletion and coordinate update
    * fixed minor bugs

    ===== 2013-02-04 2.1.0 =====

    * Improve import functionality by adding a delay to accommodate for Google requests per second limit
    * Add pagination
    * improve default location behavior
    * make default map location configurable, will be used when there are no locations to show
    * localize JS strings used.
    * truly hide map when set so
    * added loading indicator, 'images/opc-ajax-loader.gif'

    ===== 2012-08-03 2.0.2 =====

    * added default zoom for new stores
    * added region biasing after current store default country
    * added locale aware number parsing of imported data
    * fixed a bug in locations search function, when location name matches search term

    ===== 2012-06-25 2.0.1 =====

    * Fixed potential security issue

    ===== 2012-05-31 2.0.0 =====

    * moved main JavaScript code to js/storelocator/map.js
    * Changed default address configuration to be selected via drop down
    * added 100 px width/height limit of custom icons
    * custom icon position changes from inline to floated according to dimension
    * search radiuses configuration added
    * migrated google api to v3, no API key required
    * Add multi-store selection list
    * Add location country option
    * Add location tags
    * add custom icon image input
    * add option, to use or not marker label
    * add initial zoom option
    * add is featured option
    * add custom url input, after save add URL rewrite
    * add default sort criteria - Alpha, Distance
    * add default sort direction
    * add default country, if selected, on map load we show all locations in that country if not, we show all locations
    * upload and import locations
    title, address
    latitude, longitude, address_display, notes, website_url, phone, product_types, udropship_vendor, country, stores, icon, use_label, is_featured, zoom
    * export locations
    * provide directions to location
    * add search by location name
    * add search by location country
    * order featured stores first
    * add tag row filter

    ===== 2010-06-23 0.2.5 =====

    * Added events:
    * ustorelocator_adminhtml_grid_prepare_columns
    * ustorelocator_adminhtml_edit_prepare_form
    * Added cached helper->getLocation
    * Added permission for CMS > Store Locations
    * Added numbered markers


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