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by Ulmod
Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
18 November, 2018
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Chrome Linux: 42, 43, 44 Mac: 39, 44 Windows: 39, 40, 42, 43, 44 Firefox Linux: 31, 38, 39, 40, 41 Mac: 31, 38, 39, 40, 41 Windows: 31, 38, 39, 40, 41 Opera Linux: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 Mac: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 Windows: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 Safari Linux: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 Mac: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 Windows: 7, 7.1, 8, 9 Edge Windows: 42 IE Windows: 10, 11, 8, 9
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Automatically fixes the header of your site during vertical scrolling. All header info and product details remain permanently visible when the page is scrolled down/up.

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The Sticky Header for Magento 2 fixes the upper part of your site when the page is scrolled down and improves the user experience.

The main header including top-menu, logo, mini cart, top-links, will appear during the vertical scrolling of any page. Also, the product sticky including product details such as image, name, price, thumbnail, SKU, stock and add-to-cart will display when the product page is scrolled down, allowing shoppers to add items to cart even when the product page is scrolled down.


Main sticky header on any page

With the extension you will be able to :

  • Display the main menu navigation (top-menu), logo, mini cart on the sticky header during vertical scrolling of any page
  • Save customers and visitors time on navigate throughout the store. All header info will remain permanently visible during a vertical scrolling
  • Improves the user experience and makes it more convenient to navigate 

Product sticky on the product page

The extension allows displaying product image, name, thumbnail, SKU, price, stock and "Add To Cart" button in the product sticky during vertical scrolling of the product page. Shoppers will be able to add items to the cart at any time.

Responsive to mobile devices (mobile-friendly)

The extension is mobile-friendly, you can show or hide the main and product sticky on mobile devices. Also, you can show or hide product image an add-to-cart button on mobile devices.

Flexible configuration

The Sticky Header extension for Magento 2 is easy to configure. From the admin panel, you can :

  • Enable or disable the extension, show or hide the logo and upload the logo image to appear on the sticky header
  • Enable or disable "Product Sticky" on the product page, show or hide product image, price, thumbnail, and  "Add To Cart" button on the Product Sticky
  • Show or hide the main sticky header and product sticky on mobile devices
  • Adjust the text and background colors of the "Main Sticky" and "Product Sticky". No need to edit the CSS style to achieve it
  • Configure the Sticky Header extension per websites, stores or store view


Frontend | Backend (Username: UMStickyheader / Password: UMStickyheader_2)


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One year free support

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For any questions, concerns or issues, please email us at or, we'll reply as soon as possible.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Version 2.3.1 (Aug 10, 2018)
    Minor improvements
    Version 2.3.0 (July 27, 2018)
    Adds the ability to show product thumbnail on product sticky
    Adds the ability to set the maximum number of product thumbnail to show on product sticky
    Version 2.2.1 (March 01, 2018)
    Minors CSS bugs on mobile devices
    Version 2.2.0 (Feb 23, 2018)
    Adds the ability to set from admin panel, the main and product sticky colors (text and background)
    Adds the ability to set from admin panel, the "Add To Cart" text and background color in the product sticky
    Fix main sticky background color showing on header content
    Version 2.1.0 (Feb 21, 2018)
    Adds the ability to show or hide "Product Image" and "Add To Cart" button on product sticky. Both desktop and mobile devices.
    Version 2.0.4 (Jan 24, 2018)
    Minor CSS bugs on product sticky
    Improve main sticky CSS styles


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