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2.0, 2.1

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Current Version:
Stable Build
03 August, 2017
Extensions, Marketing, Email Marketing
Supported Browsers:
Chrome Linux: 44 Mac: 44 Windows: 44 Firefox Linux: 41 Mac: 41 Windows: 41 Opera Linux: 9 Mac: 9 Windows: 9 Safari Linux: 9 Mac: 9 Windows: 9 IE Windows: 11, Edge
License Type:
GNU General Public License 3.0 (GPL-3.0)


eCommerce Email Marketing Automation in One Click

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TriggMine is the data-driven email workflows solution that helps online retailers grow their revenue. We launched TriggMine, chasing the idea to make complexed email workflows perfectly easy. TriggMine is an extension for email marketing automation. TriggMine’s automated email campaigns are only limited by your imagination. Whoever you want to reach out to, and whatever you want to say to them, now you can, without tiresome optimizations and complex set ups.

What makes TriggMine stand out from the competition is that you don't need to upload and update the lists, in a just a couple of clicks intelligent system connects to your store and analyze the data based on which creates triggered campaigns considering the behavior of your clients. Afterward, tracks their effectiveness and optimize for the best performance in real time. We also offer the fastest integration you've ever seen. It takes only 15 minutes from sign up until you send your first email automation workflow.


A TriggMine account is required. Click here to sign up.

20-Days Risk Free Trial! No Credit Card Required!




  • 7 key email marketing campaigns:
    • Abandoned Carts
    • Browse Abandoned
    • Win-Back
    • Welcome emails
    • Post-Purchase
    • Best Customer
    • Greetings
  • Real-time data capture with own technology of behavior analysis and predictions
  • Smart time of sending with auto adjust for the best performance 
  • Intelligent system of personalized email marketing based on the artificial intelligence technology
  • Selection of the most effective email campaigns for YOUR industry
  • Next month’s revenue predictions
  • Predictable replenishment by products and categories


It takes less than 30 minutes to launch your first fully automated email campaign. Now you can finally watch your email open rates, clicks and sales sky rocket, without hiring tech experts or touching a single line of code.


Getting Started:

1. Sign up at

2. Install the extension

3. Choose the email workflow from the library or create your own.

4. Press "Start" and start sending behavior-based emails to your customers. 


3 Strong Reasons to install this extension:

Eliminate tiresome uploading and updating of the same old lists.

  • In real time, our system automatically tracks your customer behavior and separates them into highly relevant, behavior-focused segments.

We've harnessed the power of behavioral-based email workflows.

  • Get rid of generic, ineffective emails and newsletters — now, mobilize ready-made workflows and triggers specifically geared for potent eCommerce.

Track your sales funnel as the money piles up.

  • Stop constantly running reports or searching through data in Google Analytics — see it all in one, easily-skimmed place


Marketers can now forget about tiresome newsletters and concentrate on things that really matter.



Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Added compatibility CE 2.0.4, 2.1.4


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