Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Compatible With: Community 2.0

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
04 July, 2017
Extensions, Sales, Marketplace Feeds
License Type:
Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


Google Tag Manager is a tool specially developed for managing tags on the website and tracking product impressions in category listings & the detail view.

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Worried about tracking and marketing optimization tags on your web portal? Now, Google Tag Manager for Magento 2 is a tool specially developed for managing tags on the website. It has several advantages and you can access central account to manage tags on the web and add all the third party tracking codes and analytics and much more. The best part is that it improves agility and almost eliminates dependency on the development team, as you can easily add scripts by using Google Tag Manager

Whether you want to add scripts or code snippets of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, CrazyEgg, OptinMonster, Mouseflow and other scripts, Google Tag Manager Ecommerce is the best tool. It is very useful plugin in Magento 2 and eradicates the requirement of installing multiple extension or editing the code. 

The easiest method to add Google Tag Manager Magento 2 code is by using Technology Mindz extension. A folder will be downloaded of name “Technology Mindz” and you will see TM Tag Manager where you have to run a command for easy access.  

GTM for Magento 2 is a free tool and helps in management of your web portal especially for the marketing campaign events. If you feel like audience measurement, personalization, retargeting or search engine optimization is very difficult then GTM is there for your rescue. You can easily add tracking tags or other tags without any help of IT department and eliminate dependency on them to make code changes.   

Google Tag Manager Magento extension directly transfers data or events to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and other third party analytics solutions for acknowledging the clear picture of the website is working and performance about products and promotions.  

Google Tag Manager for Magento 2 simplifies the process of adding tags in fraction of the time. As a result, there will be increase in site speed as compared to the manual entry of the tags at each page separately.  

Without wasting any time, just download and get ready to seize the results.  


You need to sign up for a Google Analytics account first. Depending on the account, additional fees for the Google Analytics service may apply. Here is the Link to sign up.



  • Implement Google Tag Manager in Magento quickly 

  • Handle all your script-tags through the Google Tag Manager site 

  • Automatic addition to all product-pages 

  • Easy styling through Magento backend options 

  • Quick and easy setup 

  • Transactions (e-commerce tracking) support: Supports all native Magento2 

  • Track product impressions in category listing 

  • Track product detail views

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Updated 20 April, 2017 - Stable Release


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