One Page Tabbed Checkout

One Page Tabbed Checkout



Magento Platform
Open Source (CE)
1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
16 November, 2017
Extensions, Payments & Security, Checkout Enhancements
License Type:
Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


One page Tabbed Checkout simplifies the checkout process by reducing the default 6-steps process to one step on your store. 

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Checkout is the most important part of online shopping. This is the often the step where the customer leaves the site without completing the purchase. The most common reason for bounce rate is the complex checkout process. Making the checkout process easier contributes to a better shopper experience.

One-Page Tabbed Checkout helps make the complex checkout process easier by converting the default 6-step checkout process to one-step with a tabbed layout on your store. With this extension installed at your Magento store, customers need not keep clicking on the “Next Page” button to fill all the required details for product purchase. Instead, everything is made available at the single page.

Boost your conversion rate with this highly advanced and easy-to-install extension that reduces the steps needed to complete checkout. With all the checkout fields available on just one page, your customers can get to the "place order" button faster than ever.

Its responsive design makes it better experience on compact devices as well.


How This Helps Enhance Shopping Experience?

In most cases, online shoppers change their moods at checkout and the most common reason behind it is the complicated checkout process. We are living in a busy world where everyone desires to purchase from online shoppers to save their time. And if your checkout process is taking too much of their time, then they’d prefer buying from other platform.

One page Tabbed Checkout extension ensures to make their experience better by making all the checkout fields conveniently available on one page. With this extension installed at your Magento store, all checkout information, such as billing address, payment method and shipping, will be displayed together to smoothen out the checkout process.


Extension Features:

  • Faster Checkout Process

One-page Tabbed Checkout Extension brings all the checkout fields at one page that eliminates the need to visit multiple pages to complete details, resulting in a lightning fast checkout process. Customers can fill in information and modify any step at once.

  • Responsive Design

This extension works better on the compact devices as it is designed with the responsive design layout, allowing its stunning features to work great on almost every screen type and mobile devices.


  • Move Directly to Checkout Page

This extension offers a flexibility to the Magento store owners to allow shoppers to skip cart page and move directly to the checkout page. This results in improved performance and less time-consuming process.

  • Increases Conversion Rate

While most of the customers jump from online shops during the checkout process, it helps increase conversion rate by improving the checkout process. Given the ease of shopping and checkout process provided on the website, the shoppers who reach the website complete the payment process to the end.



Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    This is our first version for magento 1.
    - It supports 1.8.x to latest 1.9.x.
    - Tested with magento rwd , base and default theme.


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