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Whatsapp Contact & Share

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Integrate your store with the most popular messaging app with powerful configurable features and user-friendly interaction! Whatsapp is the most preferred by users in many countries, not having this option means customers will need to contact you via emails or phone numbers and most probably they will be visiting other websites to get faster answers from your competitors!

Introducing Whatsapp as a communication channel in your store, you will offer them a real-time help, which will help you to keep them browsing on your store while getting answers from your agents. In this manner, you will increase the trust in your brand, improve the user experience minimizing his effort for reaching you and obviously boost your sales!

Allow your store visitors to chat with multiple departments on Whatsapp, with a simple click on the contact button appearing in all pages they will be able to ask about your products and services, and get responses from your store Admin(s) to guide them and eliminate any chance of losing customers for a missing phrase, a misunderstanding or a possible checkout issue!


Account & Pricing

WhatsApp account is needed in order to be able to chat. The account is not created during the installation of this extension. If you are not registered, you can download Whatsapp from here or from your phone store. This is a free service at this moment!


Feature Highlights

  • Contact chat Whatsapp button appears on all pages
  • Chat window with multiple contacts
  • Configure from Admin the contact numbers and add as many numbers as you need!
  • Upload an image for each contact you add
  • Configure the message that your visitor will start with
  • Set a title of the chat window and button
  • Custom CSS to reposition or style the button as you like
  • Product Whatsapp share button
  • Configure sharing product details using attribute codes
  • Change the icon image of the share button
  • Change height and width of the share button


Product Share

In many cases, visitors feel they need to ask for someone's opinion regarding a product, or just show their friends what they are planning to buy, ask their partners if they would like his product as gift, etc.. Product sharing is done for different scenarios and it is happening right now on your store but in many cases not in the right way!

Many customers don't prefer going to the link of the product when sharing, and this is why you are not getting visits to your store from their referrals, normally a screen-shot with their devices is much faster than scrolling to the address and copy-paste it in the other windows. But introducing a single Whatsapp share button for every product will be, obviously, even better for their experience! besides increasing visits to your store and of course, getting more potential customers!

You can control the Whatsapp share button to show for products belonging to specific categories only, or for the whole catalog. In addition, this is the only extension where you can customize any starting message you want including any product attribute anywhere in the message text! Unlike many extensions from this category, this one will be able to open the Whatsapp app in the mobile devices without having any caching issues


Functionality & Management

From your store configuration go to Softomars > Whatsapp to find the available configurations for this extension. You will be able to enable the sharing button for all catalog or just for specified categories, change the button image to make it more suitable with your theme! control the dimensions of the share button, set the format of the starting share message and the UTM parameter to be included in the shared URL!

The chat contact button is configurable as well! you can disable or enable it, change or remove the title, set the starting chat message and the most interesting part is that this is currently the only extension offering contacts management in the configuration area! so, from the same page you can easily manage contacts, add, remove or edit any contact, attach, view or remove images. If a single contact is chosen the button will automatically open the chat directly to the contact's number, so that no need for the customer to select when there is only a single contact however when more contacts are added, the customer will open a chat list window when clicking on the Whatsapp button, then he will be able to chose the contact to start the conversation with. You will also be able to customize using CSS your contact button using the additional CSS configuration that allows you to apply any desired styling on it!

Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Magento platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3


Stable Build


04 December, 2019


Extensions, Customer Support, Live Chat

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Version 1.0.0


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