Searchanise Smart Search

Searchanise Smart Search

Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
12 February, 2018
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A complex Search & Selling tool for your Magento ecommerce business. Advanced search by products, categories, and content pages + merchandising tools.

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Searchanise is a complex Search & Selling tool for your Magento ecommerce business. Searchanise feels visitors’ desire, helps them to find exactly what they want, offers relevant options as well and turns visitors into customers. Unlike other search applications, alongside with guiding visitors through collections and gathering detailed behaviour analytics, Searchanise has the ability to learn instantly.

This is not a simple search that matches search word with product name or description. By expanding the semantic core of stop-words and synonyms, Searchanise can read what feelings, emotions and desires the visitors mean behind those keywords.

Searchanise is all-in-one solution designed to ensure maximum conversion through search. 

A Searchanise Account is required to use this extension. Product search and other basic features are available for free to stores with up to 25 products. For bigger stores, the subscription cost starts at $9/month. See the full pricing on our site. SPECIAL DEAL! All new customers get a 30% discount for year! Just install Searchanise and the discount will be applied!


Three Reasons to Try Searchanise for Free Now

The must-haves for a search in a hasty world of today: 

Easy to embed

Simple installation with one click. Searchanise does not affect your storefront. It is fully customizable and fits any design

Lightning fast

Less than 1 second takes Searchanise to finds relevant products, categories, and pages in a store with 100 000+ products.


Searchanise instants search, search results and all features are mobile friendly. It is familiar with gestures like swipe and pinch.


How Searchanise Unites Searching and Merchandising

The quality search itself is a huge advantage for your online store but we are positive about it can do more. We designed Searchanise as a selling tool on the first place, giving powerful merchandising options.


Search Features

  • Search-as-You-Type

As your customer types in the search box, Searchanise shows relevant products, categories, pages, special offers and discounts in a single widget.

  • “Did you mean...” Suggestions

If nothing is found according the visitors request, Searchanise will offer relevant offers or hints matching the request by using synonyms and stop-words core.

  • Autocomplete

Searchanise will understand what visitors are looking for before they finish typing and will offer the product, category or website page. Less typing - faster conversion.

  • Stop-Words

To give your customers more relevant search results, Searchanise has a stop-word list. The words from this list will be filtered out, and won’t be taken into consideration. By default, such words as "a", "the", and some prepositions are added to the stop word list.

  • Multilingual Search

Make on-site search multilingual. Let customers from around the world to shop in your store on different languages. Searchanise will automatically detect the language and give out a relevant results. Open the language borders to meet new customers.


Merchandise Features

  • Product Merchandising

Show what’s important! Organise the search results layout by using products ranking. You can show the product no matter what the buyer requested, put the product in the top if it gets into the search results, show it in the top when it matches the particularly assigned keyword or give the product a low priority and put it to the bottom of the search results.

  • Synonyms

If you sell red paint, red, ruby, and cherry mean the same thing. Add them to the synonym dictionary, and Searchanise will show the same results for red paint and cherry paint. You will always have something to offer - no “nothing found” sign.

  • Redirect

Use redirects for specific keywords to give customers the fast access to the target location right from the search box. Plus, if your visitors are looking for something that you don’t sell, you can redirect them to an external resource. Unlimited prospects for cross marketing.

  • Track Effectiveness

Searchanise will gather your customers’ behaviour data/ What they search for and what the find. You will be able to track the effectiveness of your promotions, suggestions and other merchandising actions. The analytics will help you to move on with search improvement and raising the conversion.


How Does It Feel to Run Searchanise?

Make sure Searchanise is a hassle-free application giving opportunities, not headache.

  • One-Click Installation

You don’t need development skills to embed Searchanise. No need to change the layout or design. Start increasing your conversion through search with one click.

  • Real-Time Indexation

To keep the search results up-to-date Searchanise never stop indexing your content. When a new product appears in the catalog, Searchanise immediately adds it to the index.

  • Search History Since the First Day

Searchanise keeps detailed and visualized analytics gathered from your customers behaviour. You can come back to any period to make a research.

  • Unlimited Products Support

We guarantee Searchanise will give out search results for 100 000+ products within one second, but it doesn’t mean it can’t cope with more. Even if it’s a million, Searchanise will give out results faster than you say “Mississippi”. Check it out!

  • Supports Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, and Cyrillic

This is an industry standard. Beside this Searchanise can translate visitor's request automatically and match them with products you sell while you don’t need to use multiple languages to run the store.

  • No Extra Server Load

Unlike default Magento autocomplete and other custom search extensions, Searchanise does not put any extra load on your server.


Three More Reasons to Finally Say “Yes” to Searchanise


Magento Friendly

This application designed specifically for Magento M1 and Magento M2. It fits in naturally and becomes a part of your store. It has own admin panel and does not require additional Magento admin panel customization.

Modern Design and Open CSS

We made Searchanise widget considering latest design trends and will keep it up. But if you don’t like it or it does not match your store design, we keep CSS and HTML open. Make your Searchanise unique and look your own style. 

All-in-One Search Widget

Searchanise search results widget shows relevant products, categories, and pages with pagination, 2 views, and 5 sortings.


Still hesitating? Try the demo! No obligation.


Admin Panel


Feedback & Support

To finally make sure Searchanise is worth trying, have a look how our clients start raising conversion immediately after app installation. Get first-hand information with real analytics proof. We serve 5800+ customers from 30+ countries and process over 3 million searches every day throughout 5 years.

We are always there for you if you have questions or need help. We love our customers and will do anything we can to assist you. If you have any difficulties with Searchanise, visit our Support Portal to search for the answer. Or simply email us on Our customer care team will respond within one business day, guaranteed!

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    [+] Added Add to cart button to the Search Results widget.
    [!] The Instant Search widget didn’t open on mobile devices in several cases. Fixed.
    [!] The currency icon wasn’t shown in the widgets. Fixed.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    [+] Magento 2.0.x versions support was added.
    [~] Improve Javascript loading.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Beta Build
  • Description:

    [+] Searchanise extension for Magento 2 was added.


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