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31 October, 2019
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The Site Search App extension for Magento 2 allows admins to present an all-powerful and fast site search platform by delivering relevant search results to customers.


Back to top provides websites an all-powerful and fast site search platform that delivers relevant and optimized search results to customers no matter how many products a website carries.  It offers advanced search algorithms including product autocomplete suggestions, spelling corrections, phrase matching, bigram matching, derivatives, synonym sets, and more to make sure all submitted customer queries are covered and that customers are quickly directed to the product they are exactly looking for. 

The Site Search App extension employs full-spectrum analytics on customer search patterns that can be used to improve sales, marketing, and merchandising strategies for boosted conversions and sales. Through the app, users experience complete customizability and control by tailoring product rankings and weights on search results. The app also comes with an easy-to-navigate user dashboard, ensuring complete convenience when it comes to managing search indices and reviewing customer search patterns. The Site Search App extension can be integrated into any Magento 2 website. Users would have to purchase a subscription plan first, create, and register an account on the app's website to receive an API key that would have to be added on a Magento website's backend. 


Account & Pricing

To be able to use the Site Search App extension, you first need to choose a monthly subscription package with and then create and register a new account.

Please get your desired subscription here first and then register your account here.

You can download and install the extension once these have been completed and once activated by the admin. Complete documentation will be provided on how two configure the Magento end, how to reindex, and how to manage indexed data on the operator dashboard. Interested in this extension? Check out our available plans and pricing on our website


Business Value

  • With the Site Search App extension that offers smart semantic search functionalities, customers are provided with the best-suited or targeted products even with the most elaborate queries submitted. 
  • Smart, flexible and convenient, the extension brings in upgraded search technology that anyone can install and use. Marketers, sales staff, and non-technical team members can evaluate search terms collected, produce data-driven search results, raise user-engagements, and increase revenues.
  • Having access to site search statistics including customer behavior and search patterns, that can be accessed through a user dashboard, Magento users can modify merchandising strategies to promote specific products and services and have these showing on top of search results. 


Feature Highlights Intuitive Backend

Skyrocket your conversion rates and sales with an intelligent site search platform packed with these features and benefits. Monitor search statistics, smoothly set-up site search, and navigate the SiteSearchApp through the following sections: 

  • Dashboard - Get a quick overview of the total queries aggregated, user sessions, indexed data, and other user-related information essential for an in-depth website search analysis.
  • Search Preview - Check what customers see on the search results page when a particular keyword is submitted. This is where you can preview how many products or data types are to be displayed on the website and tailor product rankings and weights.
  • Indices - Manually set-up, track, manage, import, and export search indices. Product attributes to be displayed on the search results including product images, prices, ratings, category blocks, as well as synonym sets are mapped and added here as well. 
  • Analytics - Obtain deeper insights on customer behavioral data that teams can use to modify sales strategies, promote richer site search experience, and customer support. Look into top search queries, queries that did not return results, country information of prospects who search the site, and a lot more. 


Advanced Search Algorithm 

Built with an innovative search algorithm, the SiteSearchApp comes with functionalities that can produce the correct search results and point customers to the exact product they need. These include:

  • Autocomplete suggestions - guide visitors to type in the correct search terminologies
  • Spelling corrections - cover misspelled words as well as missing letters
  • Derivatives - cover singular and plural terms
  • Bigram matching - for search terms with or without spaces
  • Phrase matching - consider exact phrase matches or close variations


Indexing Freedom

The Site Search App lets you decide if you want to index data in real-time or scheduled. Options to manually index sitewide or by individual records are available as well. 


Uncomplicated Integration & Roll-Out

Anyone from your team can install and set-up the Site Search App in just minutes, no technical knowledge are required. Integrations only take a few clicks, copying, and pasting credentials here and there. With a straightforward API GUI, setting up indices and updating search style and design is effortless.


Need More Information? 

For any pre-purchase inquiries or concerns, you can email our site search experts at or leave us a chat or message on our website


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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Compatible with CE: 2.2,2.3


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