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06 February, 2020
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This Mega Menu extension for Magento easily creates an efficient mega menu for main navigation without technical knowledge!

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Using Rootways' Mega Menu extension, you can convert your Magento website's main navigation in an attractive mega menu layout with the number of mega menu types and layouts. Create customizable navigation bar displaying categories, sub-categories, content, images and exclusive products. Rootways Mega Menu provides a smooth navigation experience to the users. Product finding ability is the key to eCommerce business, if the user can't easily find a particular product easily, chances are they won't bother buying from your site. Rootways Mega Menu helps you easily sort your product categories and sub-categories with our 7 different menu styles. You will easily attract users' attention by adding images along with content describing the product category right inside the menu drop-down. Showcase your best selling products directly in your navigation panel dropdown.

Rootways Mega Menu extension is your solution to create the best site map right on the main navigation bar of your website. No technical knowledge required! You can easily set your menu items with content (static blocks), products, category, Ajax-based form and more. You don't need to worry about your site speed. Rootways Mega Menu will not affect your site load time. Just select mega menu type that you want to create from admin and show categories, products, content and Ajax-based form right in your website main navigation.


Feature List:

  • Horizontal and vertical mega menu.
  • 20 different types of Mega Menu.
  • Just select mega menu types and change the mega menu layout.
  • Manage design from the admin.
  • Full and half-width menu.
  • 3 columns menu.
  • Display sub-categories up to 4th level
  • Category custom labels.
  • Category Icon.
  • Set number of columns.
  • Add Custom links or custom menu with a custom dropdown to main navigation
  • View More links for many categories.
  • Display products.
  • Products based on categories. 
  • Content only menu.
  • Category image icons.
  • Manage the height and width of the category image icon.
  • Add a vertical menu on a specific page.
  • Header and footer with HTML. Allow WYSIWYG editor.
  • CMS static block within the mega menu.
  • Manage the position of the content.
  • Add products to cart directly from the menu.
  • Arranging Position of Categories.
  • Hide and show specific categories from the mega menu.
  • Choose to show the home icon or not.
  • Hide and show the category image icon.
  • The contact form on the menu.
  • The form is submitted using Ajax without reloading page.
  • Vertical mega menu type in top menu as well in vertical menu.
  • Responsive.
  • Easy to install, configure and use. 
  • Support by Rootways: if you have any questions, we are here to help you.


20 Different Types Of Menus:

Select from a wide range of awesome menu types. Rootways Mega Menu has 20 different, beautiful menu types. Choose from the simple dropdown to more advanced menu types such as Full width-left/right content,  tabbing menu, products only and many others. You can select an appropriate menu type from your Magento admin under Menu Type for any category. 


Manage Design From Admin:

You can change the design of menu types easily from your Magento store's admin. You can select which font color, background color and active menu font color, on mouse-over background and font color to set for your store's mega menu with Rootways Mega Menu. No need to learn CSS  and HTML.


Full-Width Menu:

You can display subcategories in the Full-width size of your menu bar with the 'Full width' menu type. You can also add Category images for the subcategories in the full-width menu type. The full-width menu is used to utilize the maximum space in the menu bar to show your subcategories.


Half-Width Menu:

Half-width menu type is for displaying subcategories in the half-width size of your menu bar. You can also add category images for the subcategories in the Half-width menu type. If your menu size is much bigger than needed to display subcategories, it looks unorganized. You can use the half-width menu type to display subcategories in half the width of your menu bar.


Right Side Content With Categories:

With menu type 'Full width - Right block' you can add featured content on the right side, with subcategories. Just select the CMS block you want to add, and it will be featured on the right side with subcategories. You can also add category images and enter the number of columns of subcategories as per your requirement.


Left Side Content With Categories:

You can add a left content block with subcategories by selecting menu type 'Full width - Left block'. You just have to select the CMS block you want to show in the submenu. You can even add category images and manage the number of columns in which the subcategories will display.


Manage Columns:

Easily manage the number of columns from your Magento admin panel. You only have to select the number of columns you want to show for the category, then its sub-categories will be sorted accordingly. Make your menu dropdown more organized and user-friendly.


3 Column Menu:

You can display categories with CMS block on both the left and right side using Rootways Mega Menu 'Category - with Left and Right Block' menu type. This menu type serves many purposes as you can add featured content on both sides with categories/ sub-categories in-between.


Category Custom Label:

You can display labels with any category like HOT, NEW, SALE,  EXCLUSIVE or whatever text you want. You can display the label with categories and sub-categories. You can set different text and colors for the label for different categories. The category label is fully manageable from admin and you can add the label with any menu type.


Category Icon:

You can display the top-level categories icon. You can decide whether you want to show categories icon or not from the admin configuration. It's so simple!


Category With/Without Image Icon:

In this latest update, you can choose if you want to display the category image along with your category name or not. Categories' name with their image makes them more relatable, and easy to understand the products/services under it. Also, it makes your menu dropdown more user-attractive.


Hide & Show Specific Category From Menu:

Rootways Mega Menu allows you to select specific categories to show right from your Magento admin panel. You can choose if you want to hide the category that you created for internal purposes on your top navigation menu.


Vertical Tab Menu:

This is a unique feature that can be included in the mega menus. Rootways Mega Menu introduces a vertical tab menu in which the categories are listed vertically. These categories are a bullet list. When these categories are hovered over by mouse, they expand in an advanced level of sub-categories. You can also add images on this 2nd level of categories to make the navigation menu attractive and easy to navigate through plenty of categories and sub-categories.


Horizontal Mega Menu:

You can display sub-categories in a horizontal layout.


Product Listing In Menu:

Rootways Mega Menu features an effective type of menu in which you can directly showcase your best selling or promoted items right on your navigation menu. Displaying the best sellers on your store's navigation pane is an important practice to gain user's attention to exclusive products or discounted items.

You can select this menu type named 'Products only' from your Magento admin under mega menu extension. Another great feature of this menu type is that users can click on the product name and go to the product detail page. It also has an 'Add to cart' feature from which you can directly add the item to the cart. This feature can effectively help to increase the sales of exclusive products.


Show To 4th Level Of Categories:

Sub-categories are the means of enabling users to browse through the plethora of categories which can sometimes be confusing. A good categorization of the products can prove to be very helpful, by enabling shoppers to get to the particular product they want in the fastest and smoothest way possible. With Rootways Mega Menu type 'Simple dropdown' you can add up to the 4th level of categorization. Now, give your users a clear idea of where they can find the item they want in the easiest manner.


Header & Footer For Mega Menu:

You can add a header and footer with HTML on the menu. Just choose the option to add the header and footer, then add HTML or text for it.  That's it! The header and footer HTML will automatically appear in the content featured in the menu dropdown for that particular category. You can display any custom HTML to your mega menu header and footer. Style it any way you want with WYSIWYG editor.


Display Products:

By choosing 'Products Only' menu type, you can showcase your best products directly in this mega menu. For any category in your store,  choose our products only menu type and add products under that category.  These products can be added to the cart or you can view the product detail page.


View More Links For More Categories:

If there are many categories to level-1 then you can add a 'View More'  link to your website's main navigation and display extra categories under this link. You can decide how many categories you want to display in the main navigation and after that, all categories are displayed under view more link.


Content Only Menu:

If you want to display only content or HTML to the dropdown of category then you can set Rootways Mega Menu 'Content Only' menu type. It lets you display content in both Full width and Half-width menu size.


Contact Form In Menu:

The process of gaining new business and retaining existing customers is hard. That's why Rootways Mega Menu comes has this additional feature of including contact form directly in your mega menu navigation panel. To create an amazing user experience, customer feedback and insights, are very important.

With contact form included directly in your navigation menu, users can easily contact or give feedback to the response team at your website. You can also add the company's information along with contact form it can be treated as the 'About' page of your website).


Responsive Menu:

Highlighting the rise in mobile working, responsive web design is essential to include in your eCommerce website. Rootways Mega Menu has a responsive menu that gives the same user experience on any sized device screen. It is flexible and adaptive to the type of screen it's being viewed on. Now, no more loading a huge site where you have to zoom in and out to find the content you're looking for. Rootways Mega Menu - Faster, Better and Smarter!



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This extension comes with 90 Days free support, lifetime free upgrade, and a 25-day Marketplace Refund Policy.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.7 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3 1.9.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Add all mega menu pro features to this mega menu, now merchant will get more then 15 mega menu types in this version.


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.7 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Magento 1 mega menu extension new version with general bug fixing.


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