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04 July, 2017
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FAQ Extension creates Ajax based category-wise FAQ listings.

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FAQ stands for 'Frequently Asked Questions', A well written and organized FAQ page is just as important as the homepage and other main CMS pages. For many people, the FAQ section is the first page they go to after the homepage. With this extension, you will be able to create a separate FAQ page on your website and add a link to this FAQ page anywhere you want. It can be in the main menu, sub menu, footer or any page on your website.

With Rootways FAQ extension, create an effective and knowledge-based CMS page for all the queries and information regarding your website or products. By including Rootways FAQ extension in your website your visitors expect the quick overview of your product as well as answers to their more specific questions.

Features Details

Category Wise FAQs Listing

Let your users find solutions for any particular product or service with great ease by grouping the questions of the same category together. This feature of Rootways FAQ lets you browse the FAQ listing of a Category when clicked on any Category name. It really increases your website's user experience and simplifies user navigation process.

FAQ based on the website and store views

If you have a multi-regional website/online store, you might want to display some FAQs in that particular country only. Get this unique feature with Rootways FAQ extension. It lets you set the store view in a drop down, user just need to select the store location and they'll be able to see only the FAQ that is appropriate according to your country. This saves your users valuable time.

Multi-language Compatibility

Are you an eCommerce store, online service or website that caters to the customers/users worldwide? Then optimizing it in multiple languages provides you a better chance of converting visitors into users! Rootways FAQ extension offers multi-language support for your website's FAQ page. Install Rootways FAQ extension now and start reaching your customers globally in their own language which increases your credibility.


Now you can include more Q&A without making your FAQ page content heavy as Rootways FAQ comes with collapsible manner. Just click on any question and the answer automatically shows below it in a pull-out manner. This saves space of your FAQ page and lets you add more Q&A in rather limited space.

Search FAQs

Wouldn't it be too tiring to browse through all the questions if you're looking for a particular topic related solution? Rootways FAQ comes with the most desired facility that is the search option for the FAQs. Users only have to write the keywords or product name/service in the search bar and the solutions will be displayed in no time! It will display search keywords not only in the questions but answers also.


Pagination divides rather long content into separate pages, it's important to have Pagination on your website as it prevents your webpages from becoming too long & overwhelming. Rootways FAQ provides Pagination facility for organizing FAQs & making your FAQ page more user-friendly and easy to navigate through Q&As.


Another unique feature of Rootways FAQs extension is that the FAQ page of your website is changed using AJAX without the whole page being loaded. Use of AJAX eliminates the redrawing of the entire webpage and allows refreshing only the part of the page with which user interacts. This greatly improves your website performance & increases response time.

Set Number of FAQs Per Page

With Rootways FAQ you can easily organize your FAQs. You can set how many FAQs you want to display on each of your FAQ page. Just set 'Number of FAQs per page' from admin panel and pagination will be implemented according to the number. It's that easy!

Set Page Title, Mega Keyword and Mega Description

Including meta tags in your website greatly increases your website's chances to rank higher in search engine queries. Rootways FAQ gives the facility to include the Meta tags like Page Title(Title for Page in your browser window tab), Meta keywords and Description related to your products/services right from your admin panel.


Rootways FAQs Extension is fully responsive and flexible. Our fully responsive FAQs extension refers that your website will have the same user experience on any device having different screen sizes. It suggests that our extension is adjustable to any screen size.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.7 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Compatible with Magento version 1.9.3 and general bug fixing.


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