Stock Notification

Stock Notification

Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1

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29 September, 2017
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Sends automatic notifications when the subscribed product is in-stock or available in search results.

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Using this extension, users can subscribe to a search term, in cases when a product is not found in the search results or if the product is out of stock. If the product is not found in the search results, the extension provides an option to subscribe to the search term so that a notification can be received in the future automatically when the search term returns one or more results. i.e. when there is any product added in the store which makes the search term return some result, The user is immediately notified by email. In cases when  a product exists but is out of stock, users can subscribe for an update via the “Notify Me” button available on the product page. When the product is again in stock, the user is notified by email. All these notifications are sent automatically after the initial configuration of the extension. 

This way, customer remains informed about availability for products of his/her interest. This also helps to increase sales of the store, since there are greater chances of the customer returning to the store, when we inform the customer about products being available.


Advantages of the extension:

  • Notification for out-of-stock products

If user subscribes to "Notify me" option for an out-of-stock product, he/she becomes part of the watch list for that particular product. As soon as the product is marked in-stock again, a notification is sent to the user about the product being available again. Here text can be modified to send custom notification to the user.

  • Notification for no search results

There are cases when customer is not browsing a product page, but tries to use search function. Search can return zero results. This case is different from the case where certain product is out-of-stock. However, for an user this case is similar to previous case where some product is out-of-stock, because at then end of day he/she does not get to buy it from our store. In this extension we also provide functionality to subscribe to search results. As soon as the subscribed search term starts producing results, the user is notified about it and encouraged to view the product from the store.

  • Configurable options

Admin can configure different text headings and notification text. Detailed instructions for doing this are given in the user guide.



Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial version.


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