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08 March, 2018
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Send automated order related SMS and Bulk promotional SMS to customers. Automated SMS are sent on Order, Shipping, and Delivery Confirmation.

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This extension is useful for sending automated SMS for "Order Placed", "Order Shipped" and "Order Delivered" events. It can also be used for sending Bulk SMS messages to customers. You have the facility of configuring the "SMS sending URL" and defining templates for different automated SMS. GET/HTTP URL is used to send SMS. Most SMS service vendors support GET/HTTP based method (In future versions, REST and POST methods will be supported). We have provided support for dynamic URLs. So, the extension understands where different fields appear on GET/HTTP URL for sending SMS.

SMS URL Configuration Example:

eztexting provides following GET/HTTP based SMS URL for sending SMS:

Here, the variables are user, pass, phonenumber, subject, message and express. Meaning of all these variables is explained by the SMS vendor, eztexting in this case. We are concerned about only 2 variables here: "Phone Number" and "Message". Rest of the values will be provided by the SMS vendor. In this case we assume sample values to be "user1", "mypass", "hello", and "1".

In "General Configuration" section, you can simply write following URL:

The extension will pick _MOB_ and _TEXT_ fields, insert appropriate data in place of those variables as required, then send SMS.

Sending Bulk SMS:

Once the above mentioned basic configuration is in place, SMS can be sent to one or more customers from "Customers" grid. Here you choose customers, then write the SMS and submit. This can be used to send quick update or mass promotion to customers. In this case, use of variables is not available.

Defining Templates for Automatic SMS for Order, Shipping and Delivery:

Following variables can be used while defining templates for Automatic SMS:

  • _NAME_ :For User name
  • _ORDERID_ :For Order id
  • _AMOUNT_ :For Amount
  • __URL__: For store URL

Events for Automated SMS:

Messages will be sent automatically when placing an order, Shipping an order and marking an order as "Delivered".

Support for wide range of SMS services:

This extension can be used to send SMS using virtually any GET/HTTP based SMS API, such as BurstSMS, Inteltech, Plivo, SendHub, Mogreet, Messente, Sently, Way2SMS, Site2SMS, TextMarketer, MessageBird, Sparrow SMS, Twilio, Fowiz, Nexmo, AT&T SMS, Sprint SMS, Orange SMS, Vodafone SMS, Trumpia, Tropo, Clockwork SMS, SMSified, EzTexting, MessageMedia, Callfire, TextMarks, BulkSMS, BlueVia, SMSGlobal, TextLocal, Firefox WebSMS, TextMagic, Oventus, TxtTools, Apifon, MyNetFone, TM4B, Hoiio, SMSCountry, DeveloperGarden, DialMyCalls, TelApi, MessageNet, CarouselSMS, Esendex, SMSGateway, UpsideWireless, Aql, GSMA OneAPI, Telesign Mobile, Avetio, Zipwhip, HQSMS, OneAPI4SMS, Cdyne, Verizon Network API, Swift SMS Gateway and others.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Support for Magento v 2.2.x.


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial version.


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