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20 November, 2018
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The all-in-one Magento store locator with dedicated store pages, store location overview page, interactive map with route planner and optional product page integration!

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Our all-in-one Store Finder extension offers a complete solution for presenting your store locations in your Magento webshop. It not only includes an advanced Google Maps store locator with integrated route planner, but also lets you easily create dedicated store information pages which are listed in an easy searchable store locations overview page.

With its user-friendly admin interface, handy CSV import and export functionality, optional product page integration and many front-end customization options, Store Finder provides you with ultimate store locator extension for Magento!

Please note that in some cases a Google Maps API key needs to be entered in the extension's config screen, which can be obtained for free here.


Fully Responsive Store Finder and Route Planner

Our fully responsive Google Maps store locator works perfectly on all devices, enabling your customers to quickly find your nearest store and get instant directions using the integrated door-to-door route planner. The Store Finder includes a handy address auto-completion function and can optionally detect your customer's location using Automatic Geocoding.

Stores are automatically sorted by distance and can be additionally filtered by radius and custom store attributes using a handy tag filter menu. By selecting a store the customer can directly see its location and most important details on the interactive map, or click the store page link for additional information.


Many Store Locator Customization Options

Our extension includes various options to customize the Store finder front-end design and display options, making the store locator suitable for any Magento webshop.

Easily add your preferred Google Maps theme and upload custom marker icons, set a default zoom level and define the maximum number of stores shown on the map. The store locator can automatically detect the visitor's location, or you can enter a default starting point when no location has been provided.


Create Dedicated Store Information Pages

With Store Finder for Magento you can easily create dedicated store information pages including all practical visitor information such as address details, contact info, opening hours and a store description. The exact store location is automatically shown on the interactive map and it's also possible to upload a custom store image.

Besides the default store details you can add an unlimited amount of custom store attributes, which are displayed in the 'Additional Details' section of store pages and can be used as custom store locator filters.

On top of that you can add a 'Customer Comments' section to your store pages and enable customers to review and rate your stores. You can optionally require customers to log in to submit store reviews, which are easily managed and approved in the extension's admin interface.


User-Friendly Store Locations Overview

All stores are listed in an easy browsable store locations overview page showing the most important visitor information and a custom store image or Google Maps location screenshot.

By selecting a store from the overview customers are automatically forwarded to the detailed store page, or they can directly search for your nearest stores using the Store Finder link at the top of the page.


Optional Product Page Integration

Store Finder for Magento also includes an optional product page integration feature, enabling customers to directly find a store location based on its product availability!

You can choose to add an integrated Store Locations and Store Finder tab to the product details menu, which automatically show the stores that sell a specific product. The product inventory of each store location is easily configured the back-end, or you can choose to make all products available in each store by default.


Easy Store Location Management

With our extension's handy CSV import and export functionality you can quickly create or update multiple store locations at once, including uploaded images and custom store attributes. A perfect data management tool for anyone who wishes to add a large store database to Magento or needs to update their store information frequently!


Extension Features

Store Locator Features
• Fully responsive Google Maps store locator with integrated route planner
• Includes address auto-complete function and optional automatic location detection
• Automatically sort store locations by distance, calculated in miles or kilometers
• Optional radius and custom store attribute tag filters
• Show store locations with most important store details on the interactive map
• Add integrated Store Finder tab to your product pages
• Enable customers to find stores based on their product inventory
• Personalize the store locator with custom map themes, marker icons and more customization options

Store Location Page Features
• Create dedicated store pages with contact details, opening hours and Google Maps location
• Add store descriptions and upload custom images
• Show additional details by creating custom store attributes
• Enable guests and/or logged in customers to review and rate your stores
• List stores in easy browsable Store Locations overview page
• Add integrated Store Locations tab to your product pages
• Quickly create and update stores using CSV import and export functionality


Live Demo

Visit our Store Finder live demo to check out all of the extension's features and functionalities.



You can find the most recent version of the Store Finder extension user manual and installation guide in our Knowledge Base.



Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with any questions about this extension. We'll be happy to help!


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.4 1.4.2 1.5 1.6 1.6.1 1.7 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First release on Magento Marketplace


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