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04 July, 2017
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Plug-n-play personalized recommendations and automated emails that boost your revenue and retention.


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Perpetto is automating both the personalization and behavior-based email marketing of your store, giving you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. You will be able to display to each visitor personalized product recommendations and send timely, personalized emails based on customers' actions.

For example: On the product page your visitors will see a tailored list of products that are often viewed together with the current item, a product list that are often bought together with the current item (cross-sell) and also his or her last seen products. If that person adds products to the basket and doesn't checkout right away you will be able to send a timely Cart Reminder email including the basket contents. Later on, when the purchase is completed you will be able to send a personalized Thank You email with complementary products and a discount code for the next order. For more examples read the detailed feature list below.

The extension is an integration between your Magento store and Perpetto. It adds the necessary tracking to send behavior and customer data to Perpetto.

Pricing starts at $89 per month (or success-based fee if you prefer). You would need to create an account. There are no hidden fees, custom quotes, long-term contracts or complex setup.


Details how Perpetto helps Magento customers


1. Boost Conversion Rate, Average Order Value and Revenue With Personalized Recommendations

What you can do: Capture valuable data from multiple devices into one unified customer profile; Automatically cross-sell and upsell; Display trending products, browsing history and personalized recommendations; Improve your product discoverabiltiy and shopping experience; Get started quickly with pre-configured responsive website widgets; Customize every widget’s look&feel easily; Measure your business results in real-time


2. Drive Retention and Customer Lifetime Value With Automated and 1:1 Personalized Emails

Use your data to automate your email outreach, make it timely, relevant and 1:1 personal.

What you can do: Define “live segments” to target narrow groups of people with a specific behavior; Send 1:1 personalized emails when a person triggers a certain action or enters a live segment; Insert product feeds and shop-, person- or action-related product recommendations; Use the person’s category and brand interests to promote different products; Compose beautiful messages with speed and confidence; Measure your email’s performance and business results in real-time


3. Get Started Quickly With Built-In Best Practices

You have integrated personalization and email retention best practices that we have tested and recommend for best results.

Ready-to-use live segments and email sequences: Cart Abandonment emails; Browse Abandonment emails; First-time Purchase Thank You; Repeat Purchase Thank You; Idle Customers follow up; Win-back Campaign

Ready-to-use recommendation algorithms and widgets: Homepage (3 widgets); Category pages (2 widgets); Product pages (3 widgets); Cart page (2 widgets)


4. Measurе Results In Real Money

All features work seamlessly together towards one goal – your eCommerce growth. You have two dashboards with real-time data explaining what revenue Perpetto generated and how it improved your revenue and retention every month.

• Achieve up to 40% higher conversion rates,

• 25% higher average order value,

• 10-20% more sales every month and

• 20% higher customer lifetime value.


Pricing, Free Trial and Support

Perpetto pays off. Every month. See our pricing and calculate your ROI.

Monthly fees start at $89 per month based on the number of visitors to your website and the number of your customers that Perpetto can target. If you prefer a success-based fee ask our team to send you details.

You have a 14-day free trial with all features. No long-term commitments and no usage caps.

You have live chat to our team who can answer every question and help you get started.



Perpetto has a very quick setup! Follow these simple steps


Feel free to contact us to request a demo, pricing details and ask us anything.


Your Perpetto team.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First public release of the Perpetto integration extension for Magento 2.
    Tested and ready for submission.
    The Perpetto Team.


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