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25 January, 2019
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This extension makes product custom options dependent on each other and adds images.

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 Magento allows us to add options to products. Customers can customize products by selecting different color or size options. There is no way to make options dependent on each other however. The Dependent Custom Options (Gallery) extension provides the ability to make product options dependent on each other. Customers will be able to select just applicable option combinations. Options that are not applicable will be hidden with JavaScript. Customers can change the selected options to make other options applicable and available for selection.

This extension is different from the general Dependent Custom Options extension because it allows you to add images to custom options. Custom options with images are more attractive to customers. Images help customer to understand that some options affect product shapes and dimensions.

Option Images feature:

You can upload an image for each product option value and choose diferent image layout.
For example image layout can be:
Above option - to place image above option.
Grid - to make all option images visible and display them as grid with checkbox or radio button options.
Main Image - to change main product images when option is selected.
Picker Image - set of small images (color swatches) abow the drop-down option.

Option Images feature also adds Descriptions fields to option values and Note field to option.
Option descriptions and option notes can contain HTML tags, images, links. You can use WYSIWYG editor to compose HTML description.

Option Templates feature:

You can create a template and apply the same options to multiple products at once.
This feature is useful when your store have multiple products with the same custom options.
It is possible to mix real options of the product with the template options. But it is not possible to set dependency between real product options and the template options.

Option Dependecy feature:

In default, Magento installation product options are not numerated.
This extension makes options numerated by adding a unique number to each option.
That option number is called "Row ID".

Also this extension adds an extra field to each option.
You can enter numbers of other options in that field.
The field is called "Children".

By adding row ids of other options in the Children field, you make that other option dependent on that option.
"Dependent" means that the option will not be visible to customer until its parent option is selected.

Each dependent option can have other options dependent on itself.
So it becomes possible to create multiple options dependent on each other.

Customer can see and select only applicable options. Website owner can create such a guide for customer. Each selected option will guide to suitable size, location, colors options.

Each combination can end with different price. This extension does not change options price but it can hide one option and display another option with the same title but different price. So that customer will see only the price change.

This module will help when there are products and services that have hundreds of option values and only few of them should be displayed to customer. Or when some of the options are "optional" and required. It means that options will become required when they are visible. For example when customer click a checkbox "upload custom style" the upload field will appear and it will be required to complete the order.

This extension has "Import options from other product" and dataflow .csv Import / Export features. So that even if it takes long to create dependent options you will be able to copy them from one product to another.

To save time you can upload images directly for picker options in:
Catalog -> Picker Images (screenshot)


Key features:

1) Make product options dependent on each other.
2) Option images, option descriptions, option note.
3) Option Templates feature to create a template and apply the same options to multiple products.
4) Export / Import custom options as .csv file.

Installation instructions:





Admin panel:
user - demo , password - optionextended10


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.9.3 1.9.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    No files changed. Just the extension's description is changed. I have to upload a new version just to state that it is compatible with Magento 1.9.4


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    The latest available version


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