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Parker House, 44 Stafford Road
Wallington, Surrey,  SM6 9AA
United Kingdom

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Mobysign is an innovative app and server platform turning a common smartphone – Android, iPhone and BlackBerry – into an easy to use and secure authentication device to pay in store or online, and login on websites, “all in one”, with just your fingerprint or a unique PIN to keep in mind, by using your smartphone: • alone; • or in support of any device, as a webpage on your PC, an ATM or a till in a point of sale; In any case a popup appears automatically on the your smartphone requiring your confirmation, with a cool and easy user experience. It is also able to make you sign documents and contracts with the same legal value of signature on paper, for all European countries and further. Mobysign with patents granted in almost all Europe has anticipated EU regulations on e-identity, strong authentication and mobile/electronic payments: the platform is ready for the EU regulations which will be mandatory from January 2018: eIDAS and PSD2. Mobysign reaches the highest security level of strong authentication compliant with the new rules, including the ISO standard ISO-IECJTC1-SC27_N16989. Mobysign is a revolution that brings great advantages to end-users, online and retail merchants, acquirers as well as issuers and banks.