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Imagine knowing in advance what each of consumers will buy next, and be able to present those products to them at exactly the right time. This is predictive personalisation. SwiftERM, the on-trend personalisation SaaS, delivers as much as 20x the return of segmenting, triggered and omnichannel software combined. Using a predictive analytics algorithm on all the data captured on an ecommerce website, it calculates which products are most likely to be bought next by each individual consumer, and presents those products remotely. Analysing impressions and buying history, it ranks all your SKUs in order of the greatest buying propensity for each individual consumer. However, unlike software that tailors a landing page, in the hope the consumer comes directly to the retail site (instead of a competitor), SwiftERM sends each consumer their own unique product selection, always those with the greatest buying propensity for that individual. If an ESP is used i.e. Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Emarsys etc, it works alongside it. What does it achieve? This is big-data technology. It delivers an average ROI in excess of 1500%. (Verifiable stats across all existing users). Predictive personalisation is the highest achieving Martech solution. SwiftERM, with zero segmentation, and sits at the very top. It is a must have addition for all sites where consumers return frequently – Fashion, Grocery, Wine, Beauty, Petfood, Cycling etc. Without it, revenue from even your most loyal consumers, is going elsewhere. This is a 100% automatic solution – zero human involvement ever, delivering the maximum GP! A free trial for 30-days is offered to all. There is no lock-in agreement.