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After 8 years in Magento market, we've earned trust from more than 70,000 global customers and have achieved far from what we started with.

But now we have to say goodbye to our top extensions after a very long time of consideration.

If not now, then when? We decide to learn and experience the strength of FOCUS again. Magestore wants to be the Leading Native Omnichannel Solution for Magento retailers and now is the time to work on our dream. The Solution with integrated POS, Inventory Management and Loyalty System is just the opening of the story we expect to make. Explore our new journey with Omnichannel Solution here.

You don’t see doesn’t mean we don’t provide. Due to the new focus, there are some changes in our pricing & product policy.

Please note that, since September 2, 2017:

  • WebPOS, Retailer POS, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Barcode Management, Order Fulfillment, Dropship, Store Pickup (both M1 & M2) are no-longer sold as a single extension. They have been evolved into one solution called Omnichannel Solution. Please refer to our Pricing page for the new concept.
  • For 3 extensions including Reward Points, Store Credit & Gift Card (both M1 & M2), you can purchase with 1 out of 2 options: If it works for your online business only, you can purchase it at 50% off without any support & update plan. If you need the function for your online to offline business, please refer to our Omnichannel Solution for more details.
  • All the rest extensions will be sold at 50% price off without any support and update plan. Please refer to 4.2 & 5.2 session to read new policy.