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MGT Extensions


Av. Dr. João Baptista Soares de Queiroz Júnior, 999 sala 05
São José dos Campos , SP,  12240-000

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MGT Extensions is a team of professionals specialized in Magento e-commerce development, creating customized solutions, from design to back-end resources, using PHP, HTML, Java Script and CSS, acting for 6 years in the market. Our goal is to create solutions that bring value for our customers business, strengthening their platforms. We Analyze and study the structures and tools to offer Magento extensions with solid programming, safety and with great usability. Contributing to the market dynamism and ecommerce universe expansion, creating extensions are our focus to spread the Magento platform, strengthening the market. With capacity and creativity, we will always bring valuable solutions to our customers and market evolution. MGT Extensions is owned and operated by MIDIASIM Agency