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Take your e-commerce to the next level with RetailCRM, a 360º tool that will let you not only integrate key platforms such as Magento, but to also have a complete vision of your business and full control over it regardless of its size. Manage your marketing expenditures, customer service, order processing, analytics, logistics and delivery tracking while automating key operational processes of your business and creating an omnichannel experience for your clients. Integrating messengers, programs and delivery services such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, DHL, UPS, GLS, Duocom, Google Analytics and Automatic Deployments will make the customer journey (and your everyday tasks) even more seamless! How is all of this supposed to help you achieve your goals? RetailCRM allows you to create a unified, 360º client profile where you can store everything, including previous contact and purchases, segment your customer base and make relevant offerings to your client. RetailCRM also allows you to speak to your customer, fill forms, offer new products and add them to their cart in a single window regardless of the messenger they might be using. And if that wasn’t enough, through our software you can manage your stock, track deliveries, create triggers and have access to analytics with KPI’s that will give you an understanding of how your team is working and to have a complete picture of what happens in each step. Are you ready to join our 10 000+ customers in Europe and Latin America and scale your operations, increase productivity, improve your efficiency, get more clients and save time and money?