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1st Cross No 193/7
Bangalore, ,  560060

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Today we are a small network of talented people who have faced limitations in their day job to build more sensible solutions and create a wonderful experience around it . Back in the day, it started with a single web developer , who faced similar challenges in his day job. The limited control over decision making became a great barrier to bring life to his vision. This paved a way to the birth of HikeOrders. Helping you to progress towards higher-order purpose is a sole vision of HikeOrders. To make the vision a reality , we are committed to innovate and implement unique solutions that bring more value on your way. Our aim is to build interestingly simple customer centric solutions to the business problems. We discovered that by keeping it simple one can add tremendous value to small and medium business – that’s our sweet spot. We will continue to build solutions that help our customers with their higher-order purpose.