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Cart2Quote provides Magento store owners and Magento developers with a complete Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality. Including a sales representative performance tracking system and a light CRM feature. With our extension for Magento, shopowners enable their customers to place a request for quote. Via the admin panel of Magento, the shop owner, is then able to create a custom proposal for the customer which is automatically sent by email and a PDF is also set up for the client. Via the customer dashboard the customer can accept the custom price proposal and use the Magento checkout to complete the order process. Besides a client initiated quote process, the shop owner can also create a proposal from scratch using the Cart2Quote admin panel in Magento. Another B2B module that Cart2Quote offers is Not2Order. With this module store owners can manage on a product by product basis if the item should be orderable and have a hidden or visible price. Shop owners can also select if certain customer groups should be able to see the prices and order individual products. Read more: crunchbase.com/company/cart2quote#ixzz2jzfNLtjO Follow us: @cart2quote on Twitter