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24 July, 2017
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Provides a unique way to create and handle Wiki content right in the admin interface.

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The extension adds Wiki features right into your admin interface. The main screen of Wiki is a grid page that contains a list of available articles. It has 2 layouts – view and edit. Whereas the first one is a layout for customers who don’t have access to edit mode, it shows only Article Number, Title, and Short Description; edit layout shows all articles (even disabled ones) and allows creating and editing articles. The edit mode can be enabled for everybody, the whole admin group and/or certain admins from the settings.

Each article can be a video, link or page type.

  • Video articles use a video player to play YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • Link articles redirect customers to external recourses.
  • Page articles display a page with your own content, which you can modify with WYSIWYG editor. What’s more important, page articles can contain links to other articles.

Each article has an article number. When you create a new one, the system suggests you an appropriate number by default. You can change it as well. That will help you to organize a list of articles independent of their position in DB. If you want to share an article with other admins, you can just copy its URL from “view” link and send it to them! So easy!

Another unique feature of it is changing its title in the left menu, on Wiki grid, on User Rules and even setting pages. In other words, everywhere. You can configure that in the settings.

Last but not least, the behavior of Wiki button in the left admin menu can be changed as well. If you want to, it can open a specific article instead of a list of wiki articles. It can be changed in the settings.

Use cases

There are a lot of different use cases how you can use the extension to improve your client service, these are only some of them:

  • Storing helpful information for clients about some new features.
  • Storing training materials for your call center team.
  • Storing training materials for your clients to make training sessions better.
  • Showing your company page or a link to your website for branding support service.


  • Clear user guide.
  • An ability to add Wiki into your admin.
  • An ability to have video, link and page articles. Each type has its unique features.
  • An ability to share articles with other.
  • Displaying articles on Wiki grid page without page reloading or by a direct URL.
  • Built-in a video player for YouTube and Vimeo videos in video articles.
  • Nesting article links in Page articles.
  • Auto-generated links to other articles that will be automatically hidden if the article is disabled.
  • An ability to set a custom article number instead of DB entity_id. The system suggests the next article number automatically.
  • An ability to configure the visibility of articles. 
  • WYSIWYG editor for Page articles that saves all copied styles from original sources that makes copying content much easier. Moreover, the extra width of the editor also helps you to see the result before saving.
  • An ability to rename the extension name right from the settings.
  • Flexible permission settings.
  • An ability to configure the behavior of Wiki button: show an appropriate article, show a list of wiki articles, open an external resource.
  • Not a 3rd party integration, all data are stored in your DB.
  • Clear code that easy to read.


Please use the following credentials.

Backend –

1. A super admin account (edit mode is enabled; the settings are available)

Login – Wiki_Administrator1

Password – Wiki_Administrator1123

2. A super admin account (edit mode is disabled; the settings are available)

Login – Wiki_Administrator2

Password – Wiki_Administrator2123

3. A call center account (edit mode is disabled; the settings are unavailable)

Login – Wiki_Support1

Password – Wiki_Support1123

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial Release


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