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11 October, 2019
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This Advance Contact Us extension allows you to use one 'Contact Us' form for different departments in one company.

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To communicate with clients, every website needs a form. Usually, those interested in the site’s offerings will fill out ‘request-a-quote’ or ‘email us’ forms. But in terms of functionality, these forms are meager because they do not create direct contact with the intended recipient.

If a query is sent to an organization's office, submitting a question to the department of customer service does not guarantee a response. Businesses need a smooth communication between consumers and their company in order to respond promptly to queries. Furthermore, not many are aware of the parties ' drafting of emails and there are no models required for correspondence.  

Generally, this scenario occurs in big healthcare organizations, power centers, IT agencies that cover more than one service or sector, and each department head is the go-to person to solve queries. This expansion is applicable to sites that contain a different sales division, customer support team, operations team, support for webmasters, various branch support, and support for head office.




  • Email from the customer directly send to the apt department
  • Department can be added easily from Admin 
  • Department-specific Contact Us form



  • A user can fill in the contact us form with the required details and select a Particular Department from the drop-down list to send the inquiry.  
  • A user will be receiving a success message after a successful Contact us form submission. 
  • The form consists of details such as Department Details



  • Multiple Email IDs can be added to any department and the Email copy will be received by all the added Email IDs.
  • Admin can set the visibility of attributes. Admin can add department wise contact email in a prescribed format.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Send Mail simultaneously to departments which is manageable from backend


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