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Visilabs extension for Magento® implements the required tagging on your store to sync behavior-based customer data with Visilabs platform.

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Visilabs extension for Magento® synchronizes behavior-based customer data with Visilabs' data warehouse by implementing reqired JavaScript tagging on your Magento® store. Extension also allows to customize synchronized data with custom event parameters for every customer action. Using the extension, you will be able to segmentate your customers on Visilabs data warehouse by their behaviors.

Visilabs develops solutions for online marketing professionals. Visilabs OMS is a suite of online marketing applications for visitor level analytics, segmentation, behavioral targeting, survey and live communication. Visilabs has a professional services team who is responsible for implementing Visilabs technology on clients' site.

Please Note: This is a free extension that allows your Magento® store to connect to Visilabs. You need a Visilabs account prior to using this extension. Visilabs is a paid service and does not supply public pricing information. For pricing information you can contact us at or call +90.212.356.7420 and we can connect you to one of the Visilabs represantatives.

Visilabs has been operating in Turkey since 2000 and leading the market in online marketing applications as the only Turkish vendor with a full suite addressing all the needs of online marketers. Visilabs online marketing suite consist of Target; visitor behaviour based recommendation engine, Segment; Visitor Analytics and segmentation, Live; real time visitor tracking and communications, Survey; adaptive survey management, Ad Manager; automatic adwords optimization with stock integration.

Visilabs's R&D team has a greate expertise on data mining, recommendation and online visitor tracking and Visilabs Product Development team has an extensive domain expertise on online marketing.

Visilabs Extension features at a glance:

One-click tagging implementation for: 

•    Login and Register actions

•    Product Page and Category Page

•    Shopping Cart

•    Purchase action

•    On-site Search

Custom Event Parameters for every action:

•    Customer Attributes can be used for Customer Login and Register tags

•    Product Attributes can be used for Product Page Tagging

•    Shopping Cart (Quote) Attributes can be used for Shopping Cart Tagging

•    Order Attributes can be used for Purchase Tagging

Store channels: 

•    Every store view can use a different channel for tagging

•    Configuration can be made in store view scope

Note: You will need a Visilabs account in order to use this extension.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Visilabs platform or extension please visit email at or call us on +90.212.356.7420 for further information.

Not already a Visilabs customer? 

To use this extension you will need to be a Visilabs customer. For more information please take a look at our website.

If you are already a Visilabs customer but have a question or need help? 

Our account management team are on hand to answer any questions, if you are unsure who your account manager is then please contact with Visilabs support.

Want to know more about the Visilabs platform?

Visilabs has a vast array of functionality which you can learn about on our website but please contact us so we can demo the system to you and answer any additional questions you may have.

Visilabs Functionality Overview


Get a 360 degree view of your whole business from all your channels including web, mobile, offline in realtime. 

•    Real time reporting

•    No sampling

•    Unlimited Custom Reporting

•    Attribution Modelling including affiliates

•    Open schema where you can write your own queries

•    ROPO reporting

•    Cohort Analysis by campaign source

•    No data loss caused by javascript tagging, REST supported


Segment your visitors based on demographic, geographic or behavioural data, push data to different channels including Web, SMS, Email, Mobile,Call Center to start targeted communication with your customers. 

•    Create complex behavioural, demographic and geographic segments

•    Use unlimited criterias and join them using AND/OR logical operators

•    Download visitor list

•    Schedule sliding window results to be loaded to any 3rd party

•    Create segments on product attributes

•    Send scheduled and targeted SMS and Email

•    Load results as audience list to Facebook

•    Built-in ready to use segments


Best in class Recommendation Engine for doing Collaborative Filtering and Content Based filtering based recommendation on web site, mobile,email or kiosk. 

•    Supports both Collaborative and Content Based Filtering

•    Hybrid recommendation support

•    Intergrated with e-mail marketing

•    Ready to use email scenarios for tens of micro segments

•    Email subject and content personalization

•    Real time performance reporting

•    Web and mobile recommendation widgets

•    Manual intervention is supported


Create on the fly segments and take action or show specific banner to each visitor on your web site. Define points for different event types and create customized offers for people who has scores higher than the threshold. 

•    Unlimited targeting segments

•    Integrated with historical segments

•    Score based targeting

•    Show banner, lightbox, run any javascript code

•    Built-in ad server

•    Targeting based on Facebook Login parameters

•    Rotator/Carousel banner sorting

•    Visitor/visit based capping


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Version 1.0.6
    * Moved javascript from "content" to "before_body_end"
    Build Date: August 15, 2016


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