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Compatible With: Community 2.0

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
04 July, 2017
Extensions, Marketing
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MIT License (MIT)


Fomo displays recent orders on your storefront to increase conversions. Fomo syncs 24/7 with purchase orders.



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Fomo creates a sense of urgency for your Magento store visitors, encouraging them to trust your business by showcasing what other customers are doing.

This plugin creates more sales for your business by relying on the power of social proof and the 'fear of missing out' -- core drivers of consumer behavior today.

By showcasing recent orders and product reviews to your Magento visitors in real-time, Fomo creates the online equivalent of a busy store, and thus increases on-page purchase conversions.

Fomo Pricing

Fomo usually costs $49 per month, but for a limited time, it's just $100 /one-time. This includes 24/7 live syncing and Tier 1 email + phone technical support.

Why Use Fomo? 

  • If you sell something unique, Fomo builds visitor confidence by showing them that they aren't alone in making a purchase
  • If you carry a lot of inventory, Fomo increases discovery of buried items, by surfacing rarely purchased products to visitors who won't browse your sub-categories
  • If you rarely get product reviews, Fomo creates legitimacy for your store by showing what you do have -- purchases
  • If you want to make your storefront more interactive, Fomo provides an unobtrusive way to compel visitors to discover your products

User Guides

Visit our documentation for full user guides. Developers, go here. or download the PDF below. 

Installing Fomo

  1. Install Fomo on your store in 1-click from the Magento Connect Marketplace
  2. Fomo will automatically plant a small (4kb size) JavaScript tag on your storefront
  3. Log into Fomo without a username or password, by opening the app from your Magento dashboard

How it Works

  1. Whenever someone makes a purchase on your store, Fomo captures that order data (first name, city, product, link, picture, and more) on our secure, fast servers
  2. This collection of your purchase orders is then streamed live on your storefront, via the Javascript widget, using animations and preferences that you set in the admin panel
  3. You may update your settings such as messaging, merge variables, display logic, and more, from the Design & Settings Tab

Disable Fomo

  • You can temporarily disable Fomo from the Design & Settings tab, by toggling the 'enable' feature to off

Remove Fomo

  • To remove Fomo from your store completely, simply delete the application or visit My Account from the Fomo dashboard to cancel.
  • You will not be billed after you delete the account, and the widget will be removed from your store.

For more frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ portal.

Who are Fomo's Customers?

More than 4,000 online stores use Fomo, selling items such as clothing, artisinal foods, to kids games and accessories.


Detailed Features

  • Ability to choose to display every order, some orders, or only orders from a certain time period. This means Fomo works for you, even if you don't have many orders!
  • Store owners can position Fomo in any corner (bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right) - whatever works best for your store!
  • FAST. Fomo is lightweight and built to scale, so it won't slow down your site (which can hurt your Google rankings)
  • Fully customizable CSS animations and colors
  • Works on mobile! Choose how your notifications are displayed on mobile, or turn them off for mobile devices
  • Randomize notification delays for a more life-like experience.
  • Hide Fomo from specific pages
  • Remove individual notifications
  • Hide specific products from being included
  • See users interact with your notifications in real time via our live notification list
  • Store still young but growing? No worries - you can loop notifications and even disable the "time ago" notification!
  • Customize the message, style, position and timing to suit your branding

What are you waiting for? Increase your store sales today!


Support Details

We are available Monday - Friday, 7a - 7p PST, and Sat - Sun, 7a-9a PST.

Our phone number is 678.431.7729.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    VERSION 1.0.0:
    Initial Notify release for Magento 2:
    - support for admin access to Notify settings
    - orders can be imported via recent orders and as webhooks on new orders
    - added script tag on frontend store to show notifications of recent purchases
    Read more about Notify:


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