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Get an innovative approach to search for your online store and increase your website conversion from search results by more than 50%!


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One of the most important features for an e-commerce store is searching among thousands of products. If results are relevant and your store search speed is high, you get more satisfied customers and more sales.

Sphinx Search Ultimate is the most advanced search extension for Magento 2. It uses the unique search engine Sphinx to provide the most relevant results in a split second. Sphinx Engine gives your store one of the most outstanding search speeds and indexing results ever: over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 skus. It is supported on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Sphinx Search Ultimate perfectly combines Advanced Sphinx Search Pro, Search Autocomplete and Search Spell Correction into one module.


10 advantages you get with Sphinx Search Ultimate

  1. Great customer search experience: just seek and find!
  2. High searching speed of over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 skus
  3. Searching by multiple content types: CMS pages, blogs, catalog products, categories and attributes, custom content supported
  4. Magento 2 Search results are perfect for any language
  5. Searching by category name, custom options or associated products supported
  6. Automatic correction of typing errors while searching
  7. Stop-words and synonyms supported
  8. Searching with hyphens/slashes supported
  9. Easy installation process
  10. Responsive themes supported


Feature Highlights

Get Incredibly relevant results

However a customer types a search query - in single or plural form - the search always returns the most relevant results.

The extension implements the most powerful solutions in the field of e-commerce search:

  • Stemming with singular/plural words support
  • Long tails search (search with hyphens, special symbols, etc.)
  • Stop word and synonyms applied

Search anywhere

Extension can search not only by products, but Sphinx Search Ultimate also supports search by:

  • Catalog Categories
  • Catalog Attributes
  • CMS Pages
  • Wordpress Blog
  • Simple Press Forum
  • vBulletin Forum
  • Blog MX
  • Knowledge Base
  • Any custom type of content

Search products by different properties

Extension allows to use a variety of search products options. Search by:

  • category names
  • custom options
  • related content
  • associated products skus

Different Modes of Search Engine

Search Engine can work in three modes:

  • using built-in search engine based on mysql functions
  • with Sphinx Engine installed on the same server
  • with Sphinx Engine installed on the external server

It means the extension is suitable for both small online stores using shared hosting services, and for big e-stores with complicated architecture using several VPS.

Morphology Preprocessors

Morphology preprocessors can be applied to the words being indexed to replace different forms of the same word with a base, normalized form. For instance, English stemmer will normalize both "dogs" and "dog" to "dog", making the search results for both searches the same.

Sphinx has a built-in stemmer for the following languages: English, Russian, Czech

Also Sphinx Stemmer as an additional free module available for the following languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian.

"Long Tail" search

This feature allows searching products with hyphens/slashes. It is valuable for e-commerce stores, when users search by some part of SKU or MPN of items.

For example, we have a product "Canon SX500 IS". If a customer is searching for the "Canon SX-500IS" or "SX\500-IS", a default search will not be able to find the mentioned product. However, our search engine is ready for such a challenge!

Pushing "out of stock" products to the end

Sometimes not all products are currently in stock, but all of them are still in the product database and are available for searching.

This extension is very thoughtful: it will place all unavailable items at the end of the results page and your store visitors will not be confused.

Synonyms supported

This feature is very smart! It allows searching not only by the query the user entered in the search string, but also by its synonyms.

Synonyms Dictionary contains 60730 words. It makes Sphinx almost an artificial intelligence search engine!

Stopwords supported

This extension supports stop words. This feature allows you to remove the most common words in a language from the search query (e.g 'a', 'an', 'the') and make your search results better.

Built-in dictionary contains 665 words.

High Search & Indexing speed

It does not matter how many products you have in your e-store - Sphinx will be the fastest and the smartest!

Sphinx engine is able to index and perform searching over 500 queries/sec among 1,000,000 skus.

Landing Pages

This extension provides awesome customizable landing pages for any keyword or keyphrase you wish: for example, you can make an individual template page for customers, who search for "camera". Those users will land on the page you have designed for this search query instead of the standard search results page.

Search Autocomplete

When a customer starts to type their first characters of the desired question, the extension drops down several tips to help the customer make his/her choice faster.

Clear and relevant contextual product suggestions provide better user experience in your online store.

Also the extension has the following frontend features:

  • Ability to set search category
  • Using AJAX, so the search doesn't reboot the entire webpage, and it makes it very fast
  • Support of responsive themes
  • Drop-down box appears with the image of products and price

Wide Configuration Options

Ability to configure:

  • Minimum number of characters to search
  • Delay in finding
  • A limited a number of results in the dropdown list for every type of content
  • Tip in the search box


Search Spell Correction

Correction of typing errors

This extension helps customers when they do not know exactly how to spell the product name, and corrects misspelling automatically. This feature works correctly for every language.

More and more stores use this approach. For example, Amazon and Zappos implemented search spell correction in their stores.

Fallback search

A very thoughtful feature - if it is enabled, the extension returns results by part of the search phrase if there are no products found for the full search phrase.

For example, a customer searches by the keyphrase "red samsung phone". The store does not have such products and the default magento search will return no results. With fallback search enabled, a customer will be notified about and receive results by the search phrase "samsung phone".

No additional software for spell correction

Sphinx Search Ultimate extension does not require additional software to be installed. Extension analyzes the content of your online store and memorizes all existing words and phrases.

All languages supported

Sphinx Search Ultimate extension does not require additional dictionaries to be installed. It will analyze the content of your online store and use it for further corrections.



Experience a demo version of our extension:


Install Sphinx Search Ultimate and make your online store customer's search experience better, increase conversion and drive more sales!



Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - switched to mirasvit/module-core 1.2.61


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    initial release


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