Advanced Product Feeds

Advanced Product Feeds

Compatible With: Community 2.1, 2.2

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01 September, 2018
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Generate feed and upload them to marketplaces & shopping engines. Enjoy the simplicity. This is a convenient tool that helps increase sales and attract clients. 

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How can your potential clients find out about you? The best way is to upload the products from your store to different shopping engines and marketplaces. Attract clients and start selling your products! Advanced Product Feeds takes just a few clicks to operate. You won’t have to wait for long: any amount of products even over 100 000 can be quickly exported in any convenient format! We built the extension with an attention to detail. You will be able to generate a feed with ease. Just use one of the fifty templates, which have been created according to all the required specifications. Also, you will be able to create your own custom feed. Create custom attributes, filters and category mapping and use them in the future.  


Advantages you get with Advanced Product Feeds

  • Configuration process is simple.
  • Flexible product filters to customize feed preferences.
  • 50+ readymade template configurations.
  • We support any comparison shopping engine for uploading a data feed.
  • Feed generation speed is very high.
  • Advanced internal reports will keep you updated regarding feed performance results.
  • We apply an individual approach to your product descriptions, prices, taxes and images.
  • You can combine attribute patterns to customize feeds


Feature Highlights 

Predefined Configurations

We save your time. Once the extension is installed, all you have to do is generate a feed for Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Facebook, Idealo, PriceGrabber, ShopMania,, Shopzilla, Twenga and others. Previously created 50+ shopping feed templates comply with specifications of required shopping search engines and marketplaces.


Wider Product Exporting Options

The library of patterns enables exporting any product data formats to a feed. You can use many different shortcodes such as attribute codes, formatters, links to the parent products, main PHP functions and calculations. Use these patterns to advance your feed and promote its visibility in shopping search engines. Finally, the more buyer knows about your product, the better it is for you! 


Customizing Filters

The Advanced Product Feeds allow the use of Product Filters and Performance Filters. Thus promote the management of inclusion or exclusion of the products from a feed. In fact, there is an unlimited number of filtering options. For example, you can filter products by the following attributes:

  • The price
  • Parent salable status
  • SKU
  • Any other attribute like a color or a manufacturer
  • Parent product attributes depending on different product types such as grouped, bundled and configurable ones

Hiding products with no images or out-of-stock products is also possible.


Built-In Reports

Track your feed performance. Evaluate the current product feed calculating actual clicks and orders concerning a certain product in a feed which you get during a certain period.


Google Analytics Reports

You can track your campaigns using Google Analytics. Just enable the Google Analytics feature and set preferred UTM parameters.


Schedule Your Feed Generation

Advanced Product Feeds let you schedule feed generation. This feature will help you save your valuable time.


Uploading Data Feed Files via FTP/SFTP/SSH

You can use our extension to automate product feed delivery to the marketplace upon its generation. Just configure marketplace FTP/SFTP credentials.


Email Notifications

Configure Email Notifications and remain informed about feed statuses. Our extension can inform you about each fail and success of feed generation process and uploading products to the merchant.


Dynamic Attributes

Dynamic Attributes let you use own conditions to define or change the exported value based on other parameters.


Dynamic Variables

Thanks to Dynamic Variables, you can add your own PHP code and thus create/format exported values.


Support for Parent / Grouped/ Bundle Products

Certain Parent/Grouped/Bundle product values can be represented using patterns. For example:

  • Return the value of a parent product.
  • Using a link to a parent product, export simple products with ‘Not Visible Individually’ visibility attribute and without own direct link.
  • You can combine child product values to a string. This feature is available for grouped and bundled products.
  • You can assign different categories to the same product multiple times. In this case, use attributes to return category name with the most nested level in a category tree.


Supporting Complex Calculations

Using templates, you can make the following calculations:

  • You can represent price of your products multiplying it by any number in a feed. It can be useful in case when you need to include taxes, increase or decrease in price on the marketplace etc.
  • You can configure Free Shipping for any product with a certain price in order to demonstrate your personal approach and understanding of the matter.
  • You can manage the quantities of available products.
  • Set a price for product groups.


The extension contains the following feed templates:

  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Amazon Ads
  • Become Europe
  • Beslist
  • Bing Shopping
  • CJ
  • GetPrice
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Shopping Reviews
  • Kelkoo
  • Kieskeurig
  • Newegg
  • Nextag
  • Pagineprezzi
  • PriceGrabber
  • PriceMe
  • Sears
  • ShareASale
  • ShopMania
  • ShopPrice
  • Shopzilla
  • SingleFeed
  • The Find
  • TradeDoubler
  • TradeTracker
  • Twenga
  • Webgains
  • Yandex Market
  • PriceRunner
  • PriceSpy
  • Rakuten
  • eBay(Commerce Network)
  • Facebook
  • Fishpond



Experience a demo version of our extension:

Backend Demo 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    initial release


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