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SAML Single Sign On – SAML SSO Login

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Magento SSO Single Sign-On with our SAML Single Sign-On – SAML SSO Login extension allows SSO with Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, Keycloak, ADFS, Okta, Shibboleth, Salesforce, GSuite / Google Apps, Office 365, SimpleSAMLphp, OpenAM, Centrify, Ping, RSA, IBM, Oracle, OneLogin, Bitium, WSO2, NetIQ, ClassLink, FusionAuth, Absorb LMS and all SAML 2.0 capable Identity Providers into your Magento site.

Magento SAML Single Sign On ( SSO ) allows your users to login to your Magento site by authenticating with their SAML 2.0 IdP (Identity Providers). Magento 2 SSO supports SAML authentication for Magento allowing your users to login to the Magento site. We provide features like Attribute Mapping, Group Mapping, and Role Mapping which helps to map user data from your IdP to Magento. You can add an SSO Login Button on both your Magento frontend and backend (Admin Panel) login page with our extension. 

You can also visit our website for additional information.

SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) :- 

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication solution that allows users to securely log in to multiple apps and websites with just one set of credentials. 

Our extension acts as a SAML Service Provider ( SP ) which can be configured to establish the trust between the Magento site and a SAML capable Identity Provider to securely authenticate the user to the Magento site.



 Free Version Features:- 

  • Login Using IdP Credentials:– SAML SP helps login to your Magento site using SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Providers. (Magento SAML SSO)
  • Auto Create Users (Upto 10 users):-  Auto-create user in Magento after doing SSO with the user credentials if the user is not already present in the Magento User list. 
  • Upload IDP Metadata:– SAML SP provides easy configuration with the Identity Provider by simply uploading the IDP metadata file/url.
  • Binding Type:– Select HTTP-Post or HTTP-Redirect binding type to use for sending SAML Requests.
  • Option to Add IdP Login Button:- Gives the option to enable the login button on the customer login page.

Upgraded Version Features:- 

All the Free version features.

  • Auto Create Users (Unlimited):-  Auto-create user in Magento after doing SSO with the user credentials if the user is not already present in the Magento User list. 
  • Unlimited Authentications via IDP:- Provides unlimited authentication with your SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Providers like Google Apps, ADFS, Azure AD, Okta, Salesforce, Centrify, Bitium, miniOrange IdP, OneLogin, OpenAM, Shibboleth 2, Shibboleth 3, PingFederate, SimpleSAMLphp, Edugate, Keycloak, RSA, IBM, Oracle Access Manager, WSO2, Feide, SecureAuth, NetIQ Access Manager, etc.
  • Force Authentication:- Helps you to redirect anonymous users forcefully for authentication to the identity provider before accessing the Magento site.
  • SAML Single Logout (SLO):– Support for SAML Single Logout. Allows users to logout once from all service providers even users handling multiple service providers.
  • Advanced Attribute Mapping:– Use this feature to map your IDP attributes to your Magento site attributes like Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Group/Role, Display Name with support for custom attributes. 
  • Advanced Role Mapping:– Use this feature to assign Magento Admin Roles roles to your users based on the group/role sent by your IDP.
  • Group Mapping:- User is assigned a specific Group in the customer's table after performing SSO (Single Sign-On) on your Magento site.
  • Auto-redirect to IDP:– Auto-redirect to your IDP for authentication if an anonymous user without tries to access the Magento site’s login page.
  • Multiple IdPs Support:– We support the configuration of Multiple IDPs through our miniOrange Cloud Solution. Please reach out to us at magentosupport@xecurify.com for more info. 
  • Customized extension depending upon the requirement.


Use Cases Supported

  1. Windows Authentication: We support Integrated Windows Authentication(IWA). Integrated Windows Authentication is the preferred approach to authentication whenever users are part of the same Windows domain as the server. Users are authenticated against an existing identity store such as Active Directory which gives seamless login experience.  
  2. Single Sign On (SSO) into multiple applications: We have supports for login (SSO) into multiple Magento stores with one IdP and one set of credentials using SAML protocol. Once the user will be logged into one of the applications, he/she will be logged into to Magento store automatically that is no need to enter login credentials for other applications again.   



- Azure AD (Login with Azure AD)

- Azure AD B2C (Login using Azure AD B2C)

- ADFS (Login with ADFS)

- Okta (Login with Okta)

 - GSuite login / Login with Google Apps / Login using Google Apps   directory  

- Salesforce (Login using Salesforce)

- Keycloak (Login with Keycloak)

- Shibboleth2 (Login using shibboleth2)

- Office 365 (Login with Office 365)

- Auth0 (Login with Auth0)

- miniOrange IDP (supports Magento SAML SSO)

- Onelogin (Login with Onelogin)

- Centrify (Login with Centrify)

- SimpleSAMLphp (Login with SimpleSAMLphp)

- Oracle (Login with Oracle)

- WSO2 (Login with WSO2)

- Shibboleth3 (Login with shibboleth 3)

- OpenAM (Login with OpenAM)

- PingFederate (Login with Ping)

- PingOne (PingOne SSO)

- RSA Secure ID (Login with RSA Secure ID)

- IBM (Login with IBM)

- Bitium (Login with Bitium)

- NetIQ (supports SAML SSO)

- LastPass (LastPass SSO)

- Auth Anvil (Auth Anvil SSO)

and practically any SAML-compliant Identity Provider. 

Don’t see your Service Provider:- Contact us at magentosupport@xecurify.com


Account & Pricing

You need to create an account or register with miniOrange to use our free version. 

To use plugin premium features, you can upgrade to our premium plans. You can check the pricing for Premium versions here.





24/7 Support

If you require any Single Sign On (SSO) application or need any help with installing this extension, please feel free to reach out to us on our 24*7 support at magentosupport@xecurify.com or Contact us.


Check out our website for other extensions from the link here or visit https://plugins.miniorange.com/magento to see all our listed Magento extensions. For more support or info email us at magentosupport@xecurify.com. You can also submit your query from the extension’s configuration page.

Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Adobe Commerce platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3 (current), 2.4 (current)

Commerce on prem (EE): 2.3 (current), 2.4 (current)

Commerce on Cloud (ECE): 2.3 (current), 2.4 (current)


Stable Build


27 June, 2022


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Supported Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IE


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MIT License (MIT)


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Quality Report

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Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Adobe Commerce that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - UI Changes
    - Magento v2.4.4 Compatibility Fixes


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Magento 2.4.4 compatibility
    - UI updates
    - Updated Setup Guides
    - Added Upload IDP Metadata Feature
    - Bug fixes


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem (EE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.3 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    - Magento 2.4 compatibility
    - UI updates
    - bug fixes


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    -Added guide links
    -Added link to the metadata URL


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Initial Release


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