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19 December, 2018
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Set product tier prices as percent or as fixed discount

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The Dynamic Tier extension makes it possible to set the tier price of the product as a percent or as a fixed discount of its base price. Save your time on updating the tier prices every time that products prices change. Just set the tier percent / fixed discount once and the extension will calculate the tier price on the fly.


Key Features

Set the Tier Prices as Percent or as Fixed Discount

The Dynamic Tier extension extends the native Magento pricing modal with the dropdown “Discount / Price Type”. This dropdown allows you to choose how the tier price will be treated. You can choose “Percent Discount” and then the amount will be deducted as a percent from the base price. You can choose “Fixed Discount” and then the amount will be deducted (as is) from the base price. And finally, you can choose “Fixed Price” to stay with the Magento native way of defining tier price.

Mass update Tier Prices using Magento Update Attributes

The native Magento Update Attributes feature allows you to update various product attributes for multiple products in bulk. Out of the box, it doesn’t support the update of the tier prices. Dynamic Tier makes it now possible, that is, you can now mass update tier prices of multiple products using Magento Update Attributes functionality.



How does the extension affect the relationship between tier and special price?

The extension doesn’t affect the relationship between tier and special price. It continues to act like native Magento. Exactly as in native Magento, when calculating the final price, the tier price is checked against the special price and the lower one among them is chosen. That is, if the special price is lower than the tier price, then the tier price won’t show up on the frontend.

How does the extension affect the behavior of the custom option price?

The extension doesn’t affect the behavior of the custom option price. Exactly as in native Magento, the custom option price will get applied after the lowest price for the product is chosen (the lowest price of the product is chosen among tier price, special price and price after catalog rules application).

What Product Types are supported by the extension?

The extension supports all product types that allow tier prices. It includes simple, downloadable and virtual products. The configurable and grouped products are not supported as they have their prices calculated by their children prices. Bundle products support only percent tier prices out of the box because their prices change dynamically according to the user choice in the frontend. Therefore the only possible tier price type for bundles is the percent tier. Thus, the extension didn’t extend bundles functionality.


Additional Features & Our Policy

100% Open Source
Free lifetime support
25 days money back guarantee


Demo Site

Backend (username:demo / password:qwer1234)


Software Updates

By purchasing a license of the extension, you also get free software updates for a lifetime. We are already working on new cool features which will for sure improve the usability of your website. And all this is free for you!


I have more questions, how can I contact you?

You can send us questions/requests to sales@mexbs.com, or contact us through our contact form in the website. We will answer you as fast as possible!

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First release


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