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Cheapest In Cart Promotion

by MexBs


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Make your customers happy by offering them discounts on the cheapest (or the most expensive) product in the cart. The extension adds a new action to the Magento cart rules – “Cheapest / Most Expensive”. It allows discounting the Nth cheapest / most expensive item in the cart. It has 3 different discount types – percent discount, fixed discount, and fixed price. That is, you can offer the customer any percentage discount on the Nth cheapest (or most expensive) item in the cart, as well as giving him the item for a fixed price or with a fixed discount. 

The extension also allows defining conditions on the discounted items.  That is, you can discount the cheapest product in the cart that only fulfills some condition. For example, offering to discount the cheapest bag in the cart. Examples of Cheapest / Most Expensive promotions:

  • Get the cheapest item in the cart for free, when buying at least 3 products
  • Get the most expensive item in cart with a 10% discount, when buying for at least $100
  • Get the second most expensive bag in the cart for $1


Key Features

The Cheapest / Most Expensive promotions are created within the cart price rules. That is, a Cheapest / Most Expensive promotion is a cart price rule, and you can define conditions on the discounted items. This gives you great flexibility when defining the products of the promotion. For instance, you can use categories, attribute values, and more. Examples:

  • Get 50% discount on a third most expensive Adidas pair of pants in the cart
  • Get the cheapest Ray-Ban glasses in the cart for $20 only, when buying at least 3 pairs


Create Cheapest / Most Expensive Coupons

Using the extension, you can set coupon codes for your Cheapest / Most Expensive promotions. Since the extension uses Magento cart rules, you can choose whether to set a coupon code or not for your promotion.


Use 3 Different Types Of Discounts

The extension allows you to choose one of the three possible discount types – percent discount, fixed price, and fixed discount.


  • Order 2 pizzas and get the cheapest with a 10% discount
  • Get the third most expensive book in the cart for $5 only 


Upsell Cart Hints & Coupon Guiding Messages

The extension allows you to display upsell hints in the cart. Those hints encourage the customer to upsell his order – to add more products in order to get his Cheapest / Most Expensive discount. That is if the customer has few products in the cart, and some products are missing for the promotion, a hint message will show up in the cart, telling the customer that he can add those products, in order to get the discount. Examples:

  • The ongoing promotion is “Get the cheapest item in the cart for free when buying at least 3 items on the website”.  The customer adds one t-shirt to the cart. In the cart he sees the message “Add 2 more products, to get the cheapest item in the cart for free!" – this message is the upsell cart hint.
  • The promotion is “Get the third most expensive bag in the cart for $1”. The promotion has a coupon code. The customer has 2 bags in his cart, and he tries to apply the coupon code. The coupon won’t get applied, because there are only 2 bags in the cart (instead of three). But the following message will show up – “Add one more bag to cart. Then try applying the coupon again. You should get the bag for $1 only!”


Display Popup On First Customer Visit

The extension makes it possible to display a popup telling the customer about the promotion. Just choose the image for the popup, and it will show up as long as the promotion is active. It will show up only once per customer – on his first visit to the website.


Use Options In Rule Definition

The extension makes it possible to use customer attributes, customer order history, and product custom options to define the conditions and the products of the Cheapest / Most Expensive promotion. That is, you can use custom attributes or the customer order history in the conditions of the promotion. And you can use custom options in the conditions of the products. Examples:

  • Customers, who have at least 2 paid orders from the last 10 days, get their cheapest item in cart with a 10% discount
  • Customers, who have been registered to the website after 2/3/2017, get the second most expensive designer’s watch in the cart for $100 only.
  • Get $15 discount on the second cheapest glasses with shaded lenses in the cart (shaded lenses is a custom option) 


3 Discount Description Types

Choose one of the 3 different discount description types – rule label only, rule label and product names, or a comprehensive description.  The first two allow you to display the rule label and the product names that the discount was applied on in the discount description. The third is the “comprehensive description” – it uses a human-friendly language to explain to the customer about the discount that was applied, and about the products that are involved in the discount. Example:

  • The promotion is “Get the cheapest item in the cart for free when buying at least 3 items on the website”. The customer has a Layla Tee, an Iris Workout Top, and a Karmen Yoga Pant in the cart.  The Iris Workout Top is the cheapest and it gets the 100% discount.
  • The “rule label” description will be – “Get the cheapest item in the cart for free when buying at least 3 items on the website”.
  • The “rule label and the product names” description will be - “Get the cheapest item in the cart for free when buying at least 3 items on the website: Iris Workout Top”.
  • The comprehensive description of the discount will be – “Got Iris Workout Top for free”.


Additional Features

  • Ability to skip products that have a tier price or a special price
  • Ability to limit the maximum discount, or the number of discounted products per promotion
  • Mass delete cart rules through the cart rules grid


Our Policy

100% Open Source
90 days free support 
25-day Marketplace Return Policy


Demo Site

Backend (username:demo / password:qwer1234)


Software Updates

By purchasing a license for the extension, you also get free software updates for a lifetime. We are already working on new cool features which will for sure improve the usability of your website. And all this is free for you!



You can send us questions/requests to sales@mexbs.com, or contact us through our contact form on the website. We will answer you as fast as possible!

Technical Specifications

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Current Version


Adobe Commerce platform compatibility

Open Source (CE): 2.3 (current), 2.1 (obsolete), 2.2 (obsolete)


Stable Build


14 March, 2022


Extensions, Sales

Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


Coding Standard


Plagiarism Check


Malware Check


Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Adobe Commerce that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Adapted for 2.3 CE
    Displays discounted prices in the cart and the mini-cart


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First release of the extension


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