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29 July, 2019
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Add a variety of promotion types to your site - BOGO, 1+2, each Nth, discount steps, bundles, category tiers and more!

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The Additional Promotions extension adds a whole new variety of promotion types to your Magento store. The extension allows you to create virtually any possible promotion that you can think of – BOGO,1+2, 2+2, Discount Steps, Bundles, Each Nth, Category Tiers, Cheapest and more!

Make your store unforgettable by offering an assortment of promotions to your visitors.  Visitors get used to promotions very fast and this is why it’s so important to excite them with new promotions on a frequent base. Additional Promotions extension makes it possible by adding a whole new variety of promotion types to your store.



BOGO / Extended BOGO

  • The classic BOGO (Buy One - Get One) promotion allows you to give the customer an item A for free (or with a discount) on buying the item B. This promotion can be used in various situations – when you want to get rid of a stock of unpopular items, to get users to know about a new item in your store, or just to make your customers happy by giving them a gift with their purchase.  
  • The extension also makes it possible to create "extended BOGO" promotions – this is when the customer gets his free (or discounted) item A on buying some amount of item B and some amount of item C. The "extended BOGO" gives you the power to create advanced promotions that encourage the customers to buy more of your products.

Examples of promotions - BOGO:

  • Buy a phone, get a screen protector for free
  • Buy two T-shirts, get a pack of socks with 50% discount
  • Buy a bottle of wine, get two packs of chocolates with $10 discount
  • Buy a washing machine, get three packs of washing powder for $5 each

Examples of promotions – Extended BOGO:

  • Buy a T-shirt and pants, get a jacket with 30% discount
  • Buy a kettle and three packs of tea, and get a set of cups for free


Each Nth, 1+1, 2+2, 1+2, Category Tiers

A popular way to bump up the sales of a particular product type is by using the "amount tiers" or the "category tiers". The "amount tiers" (each Nth, 1+1, 2+2, 1+2) give your customer the motivation to add few more items of the same type, in order to get the next one (or the next few) for free (or with a discount). The "category tiers" define a discount for the occasion when some amount of items has been reached.

Examples of promotions – Each Nth

  • Get each third T-shirt with 20% discount
  • Get each forth pack of socks for free

Examples of promotions – 1+1 / 2+2/ 1+2

  • 1+1 on all shorts (the cheapest among the two will get discounted)
  • 1+1 on the whole shop (the expensive among the two will get discounted)
  • 1+2 on glasses frames (the two cheapest among the three will get discounted)

Examples of promotions – Category Tiers

  • Buy three T-shirts for $20
  • Receive 20% discount on buying two pairs of jeans
  • Buy four packs of pasta and get $3 discount



The Additional Promotions extension makes it possible to create flexible bundle discounts. Give your customer a discount when he buys a product A, with product B and product C.

Examples of promotions – Bundles

  • Buy two T-shirts, pants and a cap for $20
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine and two packs of chocolates with 20% discount
  • Buy three T-shirts and two hoodies from the new collection with $20 discount


Discount Steps / After M added

  • The "discount steps" promotion is an innovative marketing approach for increasing the sales of some type of product. The "discount steps" offers the customer to receive a higher discount when buying bigger amounts.
  • The "After M added" allows you to offer your customer to receive a discount on some type of product, but with a condition that the customer has added some amount of this product for a full price first.  

Examples of promotions – Discount Steps

  • Buy the first T-shirt with 10% discount, the second with 20% discount and the third with 30% discount
  • Buy the first two books for a full price, get the third for $10 and the forth for $5 only

Examples of promotions – After M Added

  • Buy the first three T-shirts or shorts for a full price, get all the subsequent T-shirts or shorts with 30% discount
  • Get $5 discount on every item from the new collection, after buying two for a full price


Get $Y on Each $X Spent

Encourage your visitors to spend bigger amounts of money by giving them a "cash value promotion". That is, every $X they spend on some type of products is now worth $Y more! This is an awesome way to give your customers a discount without making them feel that it is just another "old school" discount. Instead, they feel that in your store their cash is worth more.  

Examples of promotions – Get $Y on Each $X Spent

  • Get $2 on each $5 spent on items from the last summer collection
  • Get $1 on each $10 spent on all flower bouquets or chocolate pralines


Cheapest / Most Expensive

Give your customer a present by discounting the cheapest / the most expensive product in his cart. This is definitely a great way to increase customers’ love to your store.

Examples of promotions – Cheapest / Most Expensive

  • Get the cheapest T-shirt in the cart for free
  • Get 10% on the most expensive flower bouquet in the cart 


Upsell Cart Hints

Display guiding messages in cart regarding the promotion. That is, the upsell cart hints tell your customer what products he should add in order to get the discount. 


  • The ongoing promotion is “Buy two T-shirts, get a pack of socks with 50% discount”. The customer adds one t-shirt to his cart. In the cart he will see the upsell hint message “Add one more t-shirt, to get one pack of socks with 50% discount!”
  • The ongoing promotion is “2+2 on all jewelry”. The customer adds one necklace to cart. In the cart he will see the upsell hint message “Add one more jewelry piece, to get the next 2 jewelry pieces for free!”

The upsell cart hints is a revolutionary way to encourage your customers to add more products to their cart, increasing the average order value in your store.


Coupon Informative Error Message

Display an informative error messages when a coupon code is applied, if it is invalid because some of the promotion’s products are missing. 

That is, if the customer tries to apply a coupon code, but has few missing products in his cart, an informative message will show up, telling him what products he needs to add in order for the coupon to be valid. 


  • The coupon is “Buy T-shirt and pants, get a jacket with 30% discount”. The customer has a t-shirt in his cart. He tries to apply the coupon. The coupon is invalid – a pant and a jacket are missing in his cart for the coupon to be valid. The informative error message will show up in cart – “Add one pant and one jacket to cart. Then try applying the coupon again. You should get the jacket for free!”
  • The coupon is “Buy three T-shirts for 20$”. The customer has a t-shirt in his cart. He tries to apply the coupon. The coupon is invalid – the customer needs to have at least 3 t-shirts in cart for the coupon to be valid. The informative error message will show up in cart – “Add 2 more t-shirts to cart. Then try applying the coupon again. You should get the set of 3 t-shirts for $20 only!”


Display a Popup on the First Customer Visit

The extension makes it possible to display a popup telling the customer about the promotion. Just choose the image for the popup, and it will show up as long as the promotion is active. It will show up only once per customer – on his first visit in the website.


Use Customer History and Attributes in Promotions 

The Additional Promotions extension extends Magento cart rule conditions to make it possible to add customer attributes (eg: date of birth, country etc), and a customer purchase history (eg: number of completed orders etc) as conditions to the promotions.  


  • Get a free T-shirt for your 10th purchase in our store!
  • Especially for your birthday - get any bottle of whiskey for $5 only!
  • Only for customers from New York – New York poster for free on a purchase of any painting from the new collection


Use Product Custom Options in Promotions 

Create more flexible promotions by adding custom options to your promo conditions. This feature is the solution for you if you want to offer customer a promotion, only if he chooses a particular option value of the product.  It is also a great tool to encourage your visitors to choose the more expensive options of the product.


  • Get 20% discount on glasses lenses with polarization
  • Get 1+1 on T-shirts with a sewed logo
  • Buy a bouquet that has a musical greeting cart attached and get 50% discount on any pack of chocolates


Discount Breakdown

Display a comprehensive discount breakdown in the cart. This will list the discounts that has been applied in customer's cart, and will encourage the cutomer to proceed to the checkout. You can also hide the discount breakdown if you wish.


Additional Features

  • Skip products that have a tier price / a special price / a catalog rule price
  • Limit the maximum discount amount per rule


Mass Delete Promotions in the Grid

The Additional Promotions extension comes with another small but handy functionality – a mass deletion of cart promotions through the cart promo grid. 


Our Policy

  • 100% Open Source
  • Free lifetime support
  • 25 days money back guarantee


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Software Updates

By purchasing a license of the extension, you also get free software updates for a lifetime. We are already working on new cool features which will for sure improve the usability of your website. And all this is free for you!

You can send us questions/requests to, or contact us through our contact form in the website. We will answer you as fast as possible!


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    The code of the extension adapted for Magento 2.3.


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Added features:
    - Upsell Cart Hints - displays guiding hints in cart regarding the promotion
    - Display cart hints on invalid coupon application - displays guiding hints in cart after that invalid coupon has been applied
    - Display Popup on First Customer visit - ability to configure a popup for a promotion, to display it on the first customer visit in the website


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    First release of the extension


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