Display discount

Display discount

Compatible With: Community 2.0

Tech Specifications

Current Version:
Stable Build
12 July, 2017
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Using this extension you can display a discount either in amount or in percentage.

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With this extension when a special price applies, the base price is diplayed with a strike out format. When the extension is installed, the price difference will be displayed either in amount or in percentage. So customer can know the actual savings.

Here is an example.

Suppose a product price is $50 and the special price is $25. This extension shows a difference of the actual product price and the special price either in amount (i.e.  You save $25) or in percentage (i.e. 50% OFF).

This extension allows customers to know what percentage or amount of discounts he/she gets. The admin has full access to change text, text color, enable and disable extension. All settings are available in Magento® admin panel.  This discount displays on the product list page, product detail page and search result page.

Currently support simple product, virtual product, downloadable product, and group product. (For group product, display only on the product view page.)


Unique features


Text changes

Admin can set own text which is displayed near the discount. (i.e. your text $25) or (50% your text ).  This text can change from extension configuration section.


Display style

Admin can set display style from the extension’s configuration section. There are two options for display discount. Discount can display either in amount or in percentage.


Text position

There are two options for display discount text. It can be displayed before the discount amount or after discount the amount.

Before amount (i.e. You save $25)

After amount (i.e. 50% off)


Text color

Admin can choose font color of text according to theme.  In extension’s configuration from color picker admin can choose any color.


Installation and technical support

Quick and easy to install. We will provide free limited technical support.


If you have any query regarding this extension then please contact at




Website: http://www.mage-extensions-shop.com



Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Using this extension you can display discount either in amount or in percentage on product list and product detail page.


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