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18 October, 2017
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Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


This extension provides the ability to the merchant to leverage their inventory system by letting their suppliers ship products to different addresses.


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Medma Dropship provides the ability to a store merchant to leverage his inventory system by letting the suppliers, or any other third-party, ship products to customers by providing a system to order bulk products and ship them to different addresses while generating different orders for each address . It also provides a system to allow / forbid various store entities based on the customer's status and adds to a security of the store by adding sign up a questionnaire.

Medma Dropship benefits stores who want to let their suppliers or any other third - party to ship products to customers by providing a system to order bulk products and ship them to different addresses while generating different order of each address.

Dropship is used by stores who want to add questionnaire to their customer registration process to increase the store's security by letting the admin to know the customer before approving them to use all the store's functionalities.

Features :- 

  • It provides the user approved by admin to bulk order products and ship them to different addresses using csv while generating separate orders for each address.

  • It provides the admin with the control to allow / forbid various store functionalities to a customer based on customer's status (guest / approved / unapproved). 

  • It provides admin functionality of adding custom questions to the customer registration form which may or mayn’t be mandatory to answer. 

  • Ship products to multiple addresses. 

  • Progress bar showing the amount of columns in csv processed . 

  • Error log to show which products could not be added to the cart and for what reasons. 

  • User approval system so that every customer cannot use bulk order functionality. 

  • Admin configuration for allowing / forbidding a customer group (approved / unapproved / guest) for doing following functionalities : 

  • See price of the product 

  • Add product to cart. 

  • Place order. 

  • Admin can add questions of type radio, drop down, select and so on from the admin panel and decides whether it is mandatory to answer or not for each question. 

  • Admin can export the data of the answers given by the customers for analysis purpose in the csv format. 

  • Admin configuration to disable/enable a sign up questionnaires. 

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Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    It's our first release of the extension and this Dropship extension is basically meant for Magento 2.x. version.


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