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Stable Build
05 October, 2017
Extensions, Content & Customizations, Site Search & Navigation
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Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0)


Enhance online store search and product visibility with this predictive autocomplete search and suggestion extension by M-Connect Media.

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Today the majority of online visitors are tech-savvy. They are familiar with autocomplete functionality on the Google search engine page. Autocomplete features provide auto-complete suggestions in a pop-up with the entry of only a few characters out of a word or phrase. The user can choose the most appropriate one. It automatically leads to desired results. Users love it. They expect the same in Magento® e-commerce search field for quick search.

The team of developers, specializing in Magento at M-Connect Media have developed the Search Autocomplete Extension for Magento 2 to provide the same user experiences for on-site search. It also offers something more than that. Let us check what is in the extension!


Key Features:

Enable or Disable the Extension

You can enable or turn off the extension from the backend as per your needs.

Mention Number of Products to Display

We can set a number of products to show on the search result module or page.

Select Product Data for Display

We can set product attributes data to show on the search result pop up by choosing multiple data from the field.

Set Minimum Number of Characters to autocomplete Search

It allows you to set the minimum number of characters to accomplish the keyword or phrase using an autocomplete search engine. By default, it is three characters and you can set more.


Additional Features:

Show Count for Search Results                         

It shows a total number of products found in the quest with the input so shoppers can click show more button and find expected results.

Show Category of Products

It lets you select options to show class and parent group of the items in search result pop up.

Enable or Disable Pages in Search Results

It allows you to omit certain pages to display in the search results.

Add Products in Cart Directly

You can add the products to the cart right from the search result module with the add-to-cart button on search pop up without passing through a long journey to product pages and checkout page.



Magento® 2 store owners have to install and configure the extensions on the back-end to set up various modules for shoppers to provide input at the front end. You should   

Navigate to: Magento® 2 Store > Configuration > M-Connect Media > Search Autocomplete.

Here you may find various fields for configuration such as

  • Enable or Disable the extension.
  • Number of Searched Product
  • Minimum Characters Needed for Search
  • Enable View All Link & Link Text
  • Display Search Results Count
  • Display Product data
  • Avoid Pages in Search Results
  • Pages Unique Identifier
  • Category Search Enable
  • Allow with Parent Category

You need to click on “Save Configuration” button to save your changes once you accomplished the entire configuration process.

You can also take help of following useful links.

Demo Section: Front-End | Back-End


Why should you Rush for this Product?

Benefits of Merchants:

  • Traders see quick conversion without pulling the visitors in the long path of category and product pages.
  • Accurate and limited options on search result module save shoppers to be indecisive or change the mind.
  • Add-to-cart button converts customers rapidly without wasting much time.  
  • Configuration is quick and easy for any merchant.

Benefits of Shoppers:

  • Search auto-complete feature saves visitors on Magento® site to type long for product search.
  • Visitors of e-commerce need not remember the entire name of the product to find because auto-complete engine provides enough options to select the possibility in the mind of visitors.
  • Shoppers find all possible products on search auto-complete module or page without diving on long navigation paths.
  • Add-to-cart in search results enables customers to make the quick purchase.


Services Come with the Extension

  • We offer round-the-clock support by our technical and marketing teams about the extension.
  • 90 Days Free Support for Upgrade.

Help Center

  • Support team available for 24X5 (Mon-Fri) to respond your queries on extension and other products.
  • You can get personalized solutions to your problem.
  • We welcome you to take assistant of our ticketing system for faster responses to your queries and issues.
  • Please submit your tickets at

Installation Support

  • It is our humble duty to enable you to install the extension successfully.
  • We have provided a complete installation guideline using textual and visual content for better and quick understanding.

Installation Guide: Installation Manual


Contact Us

Here, a few words about us.

  • M-Connect Media is an award-winning Magento® Development Company. It is providing end-to-end e-commerce solutions on Magento® platform.
  • We are a pool of expert and experienced Magento® developers.
  • Our team consists of e-commerce designers, programmers, QA team, and excellent marketers to provide full-cycle Magento® e-commerce development services.
  • We have transparent and standard working practices and policies.
  • M-Connect Media is enjoying a special status as a leading Magento® extension development company.
  • Our portfolio boasts with more than 700 websites development projects and 70+ Magento® extensions to help Magento® e-commerce owners.

Address: 353 McCook Cir NW, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144, United States.

Web: | E-Mail:

Phone: +1 319 804-8627

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    This is our initial release for this extension


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