Responsive Gallery

Responsive Gallery

Compatible With: Community, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

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Stable Build
07 June, 2018
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An easy to use Gallery extension especially made for Magento. Comes with a simple admin interface and 3 unique themes.


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Responsive Gallery for Magento is an easy to use extension which enables simple administration of your shop’s images and pictures. If you would like a simple easy to use image gallery that is easy on the eye and simplifies the management of all your different image files, this is the extension for you. Responsive Gallery means that at last, you will be able to easily create and manage a number of different galleries via an uncluttered software interface. Favourably reviewed by customers, two unique themes have been included so that at a simple click, you can customise the appearance to suit your preference from the choices available.


The galleries use CSS (cascading style sheets) where possible, to blend in well with your own existing software configuration and to show off your pictures and products efficiently. We know the importance of simple intuitive software and have avoided complications, making it easy to keep images under control – meaning that you can concentrate on making the most of your existing image resources.


A Comprehensive Product

Importantly, this plug-in has been specifically developed to work optimally with Magento - avoiding some of the common problems from generic multi-purpose solutions, which may be only general purpose, or not suitable in all respects (and perhaps even incompatible with) the platform. In other words, this software is an optimal and reliable solution. You upload your image and assign it to a gallery; galleries can be added and edited straightforwardly, while thumbnails are generated automatically. The height and width of thumbnails and pop-ups can be customised easily if required, although a default is provided which suits most needs.

It is easy to maintain the aspect ratio for your image proportions, to create titles and to manage an unlimited number of galleries. The extension can be used with an unlimited number of products and customers. Fully compatible with Magenta programming recommendations and practices, the add-on comes with clear documentation and an easy to understand guide to installation. A multi-store licence is included and as with all our software, there is a fifteen-day money back satisfaction guarantee.


User Friendly Responsive Gallery Manager

The gallery manager in the Back-end of Magento is a user friendly manager where the galleries can be deleted, edited or added. You can add an unlimited number of galleries in the back-end and the gallery content can be youtube video's or just images. The images can be enriched with a title and/or description. When you've added a gallery to the manager a shortcode will be generated so you can place this shortcode wherever you like, on CMS pages, static blocks or inside a product page.


Split your Responsive Gallery using Tags

It's now possible to show a specific part of a large gallery using the include/exclude tags. With this feature you can tag the images in the Gallery manager using specific keywords so you can include or exclude images or videos using that specific tag. For example your shortcode "Block type=gallery/show id=gallery include=ferrari" will only show the ferrari tagged images in your gallery with more cars.


Hassle-free Installation

Installation is quick and straightforward; typically, the software can be up and running in around only two minutes. After downloading the zip and disabling Magento compilation, follow the screen dumps and explanation provided to help with these six short steps.

Then, activate the add-on using the license key supplied and complete some intuitive configuration steps before using the software – for example customising image thumbnail default size and selecting the option to preserve aspect ratios on resizing (if required). Magnific open-source image display software can also be selected for use with the galleries. You will then see the image management screen with the facility to upload, add, describe and work with your image files efficiently and quickly.


Technical Product Features

  • Easily add, delete or edit your image gallery
  • Add tags to galleries to implement the gallery with a certain tag
  • Made according to the latest CSS technique    FULLY RESPONSIVE
  • Custom made extension for Magento stores
  • Configure the size of the thumbs and images
  • Comes with 3 unique gallery themes
  • Use with unlimited store views within one Magento installation
  • Can be used in CMS pages and Static Blocks
  • Easy 2-minute installation

Extension Features

  • Create unlimited galleries
  • Easy to use Gallery manager
  • Easily adapts your theme
  • 25 day money back guarantee
  • For beginner and advanced users
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Customize sizes and actions to your needs
  • Comes with complete Documentation
  • Works with the latest versions of Magento

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 1.7 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    * Added new extra theme
    * Updated database install script
    * Small bug fixes


  • Compatible with CE: 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    * Marketplace Release


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