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20 May, 2019
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A simple way to specify flexible flat rates per product.

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For your potential buyer, the flat rate is the most simple and clear way to understand shipping cost. No calculating, measuring or weighing required. Also, flat rate management is a quite simple task for the seller. But usage of the standard Magento flat rate is limited and not convenient for many stores.

If your store sells a large variety of products or takes orders with a large number of items, it is difficult for you to estimate the correct flat rate. Your shipping expenses, sales, and the profit will vary greatly depending on what your customers include in their shopping cart. In some cases, customers will likely be paying more than they should. In other cases, customers will be paying less. In short, you could lose customers or your profit.

So, how can you save profit and keep customers in the store? You can use more complicated shipping methods or can try this Flat Rate per Product extension. Our simple extension contains a complete set of functions to manage flat rates in the Magento e-store:


Main Features 

  • Specify flat rates for each product taking into account weight, delivery services provider and delivery address (by Zip codes)
  • Set up special flat rates based on the number of items in the shopping cart
  • Specify maximum and minimum flat rate instead of summing up all rates in the shopping cart
  • Setup flat rates for specific countries
  • Use the function for default flat rates for products that have no individual rates specified
  • Export/import your setup to be used on different e-shops


Manage Flat Rates With Accuracy

This extension allows for specifying more precise rates for each product in an e-shop. The extension will let you calculate accurate flat rates and use them. So, you will have flat rates based on product specifics and delivery address that will provide the desired level of profitability for an e-shop. There are no changes in UI for your customers. They will see simple and clear flat rates in a shopping cart. So your customer can decide if this price fits him. Use special marketing approaches to boost sales. With our extension, you can set attractable rates for some totals in a shopping cart. The amount based rates will lead the customer to think about the economy when he buys more. E-shop will increase your average check.


Flat Rates Are Good For Your Store

Good flat rates are considered a positive experience to encourage the buyer to return to your store. Also, you can set specific flat rates for some products to raise attention to them. For example, what price you would consider more attractive: $18 + free shipping OR $15+$2.99? It seems identical. But modern studies show that the second one is considered more attractive by most of the customers. Our solution only extends standard platform functions in the Administrator panel. Setup of flat rates will remain as simple as it is in clean Magento. You do not need to use bulky grids, install some calculations or order custom changes into the code of your e-store. Simply install this extension and use flat rates for any product.  


Additional Information

The MageWorkshop team is always eager to support best interactions between e-shop owners, technical persons, and our extensions:

  • Installation

The installation process of Flat Rates per Product extension is standard. If you already have experience installing any other extensions into your e-shop then most probably you will manage the process. Just follow the Installation guide. If you not sure about your skills or just do not have time to mess with the installation - order Installation service and will be glad to help you with this task.  

  • Setup Process

To make yourself familiar with the module you will need about 20-25 minutes. Refer to provided User Manual for details.

  • Installation Support

If you have faced the problems during installation, setup process or usage of this extension - simply send us a letter to support@mage-review.com

  • Refund

You are free to submit a request for a refund for up to 25 days of the transaction on Magento Marketplace. We are strictly following the rules and policies of the marketplace and guarantee our support and willingness to solve any appeared issues. If you will submit for the refund please pay attention that our team is not involved in this process and you request is processed by Magento Marketplace administration.

  • Update Support

We provide updates and support for the extension during the whole lifecycle of the current platform. Updates are free for all buyers for current versions of the platform.  If you will be so kind as to share your requests and ideas regarding the extension we would be glad to include them into our backlog and consider their implementation. Please send your emails to support support@mage-review.com

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Minor refactoring of code


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    A one of a more accurate solution it is the ability to set the flat rate per product. However, you need extended standard functions in Admin Panel. Also is some additional things. For example the ability to set flat rates for some products by default.
    Flat Rate per Product extension by MageWorkshop include this functions and have other features.

    The features Flat rates per Product extension:
    1. To specify a flat rate with shipping method for any products.
    2. Compatible flat rates with the different product types.
    3. Create flat rates tiers based upon the quantities products in the shopping cart.
    4. Create high flat rate or high flat rate with configurable percent in the cart instead of the sum of all rates.
    5. To charge the lowest rate instead of the sum of all rates in the shopping cart. To use a different approach to managing flat rates.
    6. If flat rates do not specify for some products the extension will use the default.
    7. To add multiple service levels (ground, expedited, next day air, etc.).
    8. To create special flat rates for additional countries.
    9. Ability to migrate from another shopping cart without having to change the way charge for shipping. If you have reasons to change platform further but need keep your shipping strategy.


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